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8 Common Trash Can Dangers for Your Pet

Do you know the trash can dangers for your pet? Don’t throw the 8 common dangerous trash into your trash can to keep your pet healthy.

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Pets enjoy getting into the trash can for extra food. That not only leads to a messy floor, but also results in dangers for your pet. There’s a lot of dangerous garbage in our trash cans that can make our pets sick or dead. In this article, you will learn the common trash can dangers for your pet.

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8 Common Trash Can Dangers for Your Pet

1: Spoiled and Raw Meat

If there is spoiled or raw meat in the trash can that your pet eats, the bacteria in that spoiled or raw meat can cause Salmonella poisoning or expose him or her to parasites just like it could in a person who eats spoiled or raw meat. The symptoms of the Salmonella poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, fever, weight loss, dehydration, and even shock. It is also an infection that transfer from dogs to humans.

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2: Moldy Food

This might be one of the biggest danger of trash can for your pets. There is a dangerous toxin found in moldy food in the garbage which is called Penicillium spp. If your pet eats the moldy food, it can be fatal if left untreated. The Symptoms of Penicillium spp. can include vomiting, diarrhea, muscle tremors, high temperature, and seizures. 

3: Bones and Plastic

Cooked bones splinter can cut your pet’s mouth. They can puncture your pet’s stomach or esophagus and cause problem further along in the digestive tract if your pet swallow them. Eating bones, plastic, Styrofoam, and other indigestible trash lurking in your trash can may cause your pet to vomit, gastrointestinal obstructions and choke. 

4: Poisonous Food

There are some certain food like chocolate, walnuts, grapes, onion, and coffee having plenty of nutrients which benefit for humans, but they are poisonous food for pets. Your trash can may contain some of them that might be consumed by your dog. It will result in some serious illness and hospitalization to your pets if they eat the toxic food in the trash can.

5: Sharp Objects

You may throw some sharp objects like broken glass or razor blades into your trash can. The sharp objects will hurt your pet easily when they come into the trash can.

6: Sanitation Products

Sanitation products in the trash can such as diapers and tampons eaten by your pet are also extremely dangerous. They might block your pet’s digestive tract and make them choke.

7: Paper Products

Eating paper products is also harmful to your pets. Napkins and tissues may have been used to clean up chemicals or spoiled food. Your pets might chew them and become ill because they will ingest chemicals and bacteria. 

8: Medication

There may be some expired drugs in your trash can. Eating the medication by your pets is dangerous. Painkillers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol are particularly harmful to your pets. 

Bonus Tips: Choose a Pet Proof Trash Can to Avoid Dangers for Your Pet

After reading the common trash can dangers for your pet above, you can see some contents in the trash can are seriously hazardous for your pet. There are a lot of items we should never throw into the trash can. We often forget what we should or should not put into the trash can, so using a pet-proof trash can is an easy way to keep your pet safe. Here we show you three important guides to help you select a good pet proof trash can:

1: Odor Free

Pets are always attracted by the smells of trash can, so it is important to select a trash can with a solid lid which can seal the nasty odor inside. 

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2: Pet-proof Mode

If you have a pet at home, select a trash can with a pet-proof mode. Once the pet-proof mode is activated, the lid of the trach can will not be opened when your pet comes over.

3: Weighty

Plastic trash can is easy to be knocked over and broken by pets. It is better to select a stainless steel trash can that it is durable and hard for most pets to topple it over.

Aicool Smart Trash Can comes with germ-resistant stainless steel material and meets all the three important criteria. Besides a solid lid, the built-in carbon deodorizer in Aicool Smart Trash can will eliminate inside odors to make it completely odor free. Press twice the Home button to active the pet proof mode and leave your pets at home without worrying your pets getting into your trash can.

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We list the 8 common trash can dangers for your pet in this article. Don’t throw the 8 dangerous garbage into your trash can unless you using a pet proof trash can to keep your pets healthy and happy

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