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The Best Automatic Dog Feeders in 2019

How to feed your dog when you’re outside home? The best automatic dog feeders in 2019 may give you an answer.

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As a busy dog owner, your schedule for your work and schedule for your dog’s meal may not always be in perfect sync. As we all know, a dog needs at least 2 meals per day, how can we ensure your little puppy eat their food on time even when you’re outside home?

In this case, an automatic dog feeder may give the best answer. In this article, I listed the top 4 best automatic dog feeders in 2019 for you to choose from.

Automatic dog feeder

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Option 1 PetSafe Automatic Dog Feeder - Dispense Food at Any Rate

For dog owners, PetSafe is definitely the most well-known brand among dog feeders.

The Healthy Pet Simple Feed Automatic Feeder allows you to set a fully customize feeding schedule of up to 8 meals per day. You can manage portion size with ease and control the rate at which the food is dispensed. This is ideal if you puppy like eating too fast and have digestion problems. The dog feeder also has various modes like pause, slow, and immediate and the translucent hopper make you easily check how much food is left.

Automatic dog feeder

Option 2 Arf Automatic Pet Feeder - Keep Your Dog out

Arf is absolutely the safest pet feeder for a dog owner. Why to say so? Because it has a firm lid lock which stops your naughty puppy from scratching into the food dispenser. This is a unique design of Arf.

More than this, it enables the owner to pre-program a feeding schedule of up to 4 meals a day. The meal alarm and message recorder allows you to let your dog know it’s time for a meal even when you are outside home. So considerate, isn’t it? The LCD screen ensures that the settings are how you want them to be.

Automatic dog feeder

Option 3 Petnet Smart Feeder - Use App Control

With Petnet, you can have direct control over your pet’s food by using an App as it measures portions based on your pet’s breed, age, weight, and level of activity. This means via your WiFi connected device, your pet will eat the right amount of food every time even when you are not there.

Automatic dog feeder

Option 4 The Pyrus Automatic Pet Feeder - Praise Your Dog with the Inbuilt Recorder

This convenient Pet Feeder gives owners lots of flexibility and helps pets get used to the schedule you preset for them which leads to improved health. This feeder has 6 separate food trays which hold dry or wet food. Each tray can be set to open at different times so that you can make sure your pet receive a treat at a certain time each day. This feeder also has a inbuilt recorder via which you can tell your pet they’re doing well even you are not by their side.

The Pyrus Automatic Pet Feeder comes in fun blue, pink, or yellow and has an easy-to-use LCD screen control panel.

Automatic dog feeder

Option 5 Wopet Automatic Dog Feeder - Keep the Food's Temprature Nicely

If you have a picky dog that has discriminating tastes, Wopet should be your best choice. This cheap cost-effective feeder has a time you set to countdown a particular number of hours. When the time elapse, the feeder opens. An included ice pack helps you keep canned or wet food fresh and safe for your dog to eat. So considerate, isn’t it?

Automatic dog feeder

Bottom Line

Which automatic dog feeder is the best for you to choose? Hopefully, after reading this article and checking the details comparison, you’ve gotten something in your mind.

To learn more about raising a dog, please refer to the following article.

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