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What Is the Best Smart Toilet on the Market

As the smart toilet is becoming more and more popular around the world, this time, we’re going to see what the best products are along with their unique features.

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Smart appliances bring us much convenience and make our life a little easier, for example, smart bulbs and smart trash cans. But what about the toilet. Does a smart one make any differences compared to a traditional ceramic one?

Nowadays, as people are looking for a more hygienic and easier way to deal with “dirty asses” after relieving themselves, smart toilets tend to become popular. Instead of rubbing your ass with uncomfortable toilet paper, now, you can enjoy warm fresh water that flushes that part clean. Also, some top-notch smart toilets are even designed to be capable of cleaning themselves which saves both your time and energy.

Since there are so many related products on the market, which one is the best? Read on, and hopefully, you can find the answer in the following content.

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Option 1 Ove Decors

This white toilet is an unmatched combination of the best features of a conventional high-quality ceramic toilet with the innovations of a modern advanced toilet with such decadent features as heated seating, warm following, water, air drying, and much more.

Also, ecologically and sanitarily advanced, the smart toilet eliminates almost all need for toilet paper or wet wipes as the jets included in this model are the most efficient option on the market to clean up your ass after you finish your job.

Pros: Simple installation, automatic open/close seat, remote control included powerful flush

Cons: Some users complain it leaks

Ove Decors

Option 2 Kohler Veil

Many smart toilets use seat-mounted buttons or a wireless remote that can be usually misplaced while Veil is different in this part. It uses a wall-mounted, touchscreen LCD that controls all the features. There will be no need for you to fish around for a remote or crane your neck to check around the control interface.

Whether you are using the bathroom by day or by night, the integrated lighting system will illuminate the way for you. LED lights that are positioned inside the bowl create an aesthetically pleasing look that isn’t too garish. As for the most important aspect, the toilet uses 1.28GPF or 0.8 GPF, depending on full or partial flush choice.

Despite Veil provides us so much convenience and joyfulness, it’s rather expensive although it still makes sense. However, you should also make sure your home can offer enough water pressure for Veil to work properly.

Pros: Convenient wall-mounted remote, good-looking, inbuilt-LCD light helps in nighttime use

Cons: Expensive, asks for enough water pressure

Kohler Veil

Option 3 Toto Washlet C100 Seat

Sometimes, you don’t need a complete set of toilet to experience joyful flush, a smart toilet seat can be enough. And the benefit here is that you can install it totally by yourself without seeking for help from an electrician.

Toto Washlet C100 features a heated seat, deodorizer, and pre-misting function to reduce grime adherence.

The only complaint we have heard relating to the seat design is the sliding function, which is supposed to make cleaning easier. It’s like to be able to slide the seat forward to clean behind it, however, this functionality can make the seat feel rather loose. Some customers even reported that they would prefer to be able to disable the seat warmer, and have the water jets remember preset positions.


Easy installation


Premist function reduces grime


The slider functionality make the seat loose

“Forgets” water jet positioning

Seat warmer can’t be disabled

Toto Washlet C100 Seat

Option 4 Toto Neorest 700H

Water efficiency is one area in which this toilet beat its counterparts including Kohler Veil, at 1.0 and 0.8 GPF. The skirted design is accompanied by a SoftClose seat, meaning no more slams when you drop the seat or lid. The seat is also warmed so you won’t get badly shocked when visiting the bathroom on frosty mornings.

There is quite a lot of convenience given by Neorest 700H, with automatic functions that are designed to keep your hands free. A proximity sensor is designed to detect you on approach to helps automatically lift the lid so you don’t need to worry about germ transference. And also, the flush will begin only when you stand up.

However, the proximity sensor is a little too sensitive. Especially if you have a tiny bathroom, you will notice the lid automatically open even when you’re brushing your teeth or taking a shower which is literally a hindrance.


Hands-free operation

Temperature-controlled seat

SoftClose feature


The proximity sensor can be annoying

Not female friendly

Too expensive

Toto Neorest 700H

Bottom Line

Believe it or not, a smart toilet really makes a big difference compared with a traditional one. I know it because I’m also one of the customers. My life has become easier with these smart appliances.

Still, if you have any smart toilets to recommend, feel free to contact us.

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