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The 5 Best Smart Kitchen Gadgets That Are Worth Buying in 2019

To make a smart kitchen, remember to choose smart gadgets for kitchen that are worth buying. The article lists the 5 best smart kitchen gadgets so that you can easily and quickly find the appliance you need.

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The estimated number of smart home products will rise from 4.6 million to 24.5 million in just five years in the United States. What makes your home smarter? Well, you’ve probably already got a smart TV in your living room or installed smart lighting for your whole house, etc. However, what makes a smart kitchen? The kitchen is often called the "heart of the home", but which smart gadgets for kitchen are worth buying? Today, we will show you 5 smart kitchen appliances that are really useful and can enhance your kitchen experience. 

 smart kitchen gadgets 2019

1. Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker - Easy-to-use Smart Kitchen Gadget

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision is one of the best smart gadgets for kitchen that can allow people to easily achieve professional cooking results at home. The operation of this machine is quite simple and you can just attach the cooker to any pot filled with water, place the food in a sealable bag, and set the time and temperature. It will heat and circulate water to a precise temperature, and help you cook your food to an exact temperature so that it can create maximum tenderness and moisture without worrying about overcooking.

smart kitchen appliances 2019

The Precision Cooker can connect to your smart phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, enabling you to cook your delicious meals with just a touch of the button. With its app, you can remotely manage, adjust and monitor the status of your food and then you can spend less time in your kitchen and more time with your family members. It will also send you a notification to help you know when your food is ready. The detachable stainless steel skirt and disks of this Cooker can be safely used in dishwasher, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.


Easy to set up and use

1, 000+ great recipes

Can cook within Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Simple to clean

Achieve professional cooking results 


Bulky design requires a large pot

2. Crock-Pot WeMo-Enabled Smart Slow Cooker - Roomy 6-Quart Capacity Smart Kitchen Gadget

The Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker is WeMo-enabled that allows you to adjust your cooking settings from anywhere to fit your schedule, increase or decrease the time of cooking, turn up or down the temperature, check the status of your meal to find out how much time is left, switch the Slow Cooker to keep-warm mode or completely turn it off. Note that all of these things can be easily done by using the free WeMo app on your smart phone. When your cooking is complete or the device turns off, it will send you notifications via its app even if you are not in the kitchen. One of the good features about this smart kitchen device is that it can be used without connecting to Wi-Fi as Wi-Fi connection is only necessary when controlling it remotely.

 smart gadgets for kitchen 2019


Roomy 6-Quart Capacity

Easy to use

Easily adjust cooking settings from anywhere

Excellent cooking performance


No multi-stage cooking options

Does not support IFTTT

3. Aicool Smart Trash Can 13 Gallon - Long Life Rechargeable Battery

Aicool Smart Trash Can is one of the best touchless trash cans on the market, coming with smart motion sensor, auto liner sealing and changing, fingerprint-proof, app controlling, strong and recyclable trash bags, pet-proof, etc. You can open it with a simple wave of your hand so that you can prevent your hands from getting dirty. Also, it will change a new liner itself after the trash is taken away, which can also help you free your hands.

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Placing this smart trash can in your kitchen can be a great way to keep your kitchen clean as it is equipped with a solid lid and a bamboo charcoal package that can help you get rid of smell from trash. There is no need to recharge your trash can frequently as the built-in battery has a long battery life. When connecting the trash can with its App on your phone via Bluetooth, you can remotely control it anywhere in your house.

smart trash can for kitchen


Automatically seal and change liners

Long-life battery life

App control

Odor free


Custom fit liners required

4. AmazonBasics Microwave - A Smart Kitchen Gadget that Works with Alexa

AmazonBasics Microwave is a small and simple microwave oven, simplifying the cooking process by allowing you to microwave your food using your voice and an Echo device. It means that Alexa will start reheating your coffee with the appropriate power and time settings after you say, "Alexa, reheat a cup of coffee." The quick-cook presets of this smart kitchen gadget enable you to defrost vegetables or microwave a potato without needing to guess the cooking time or heat levels. AmazonBasics has 10 power levels, a kitchen timer, a child lock and a turntable so that you can cook all kinds of food you like.

Smart Kitchen Gadget that Works with Alexa


Convenient Alexa voice controls

Costs about as much as a non-smart microwave

A lot of automated options


Too small for a family

No microphone

Requires an Echo device for voice commands

5. iDevices Kitchen Thermometer - 150 feet Bluetooth range

Do you always worry about overcooking anything in your kitchen? Want to exactly know when your food is at its best temperature for enjoying great taste and safe consumption? With iDevices Kitchen Thermometer, you don’t need to worry anymore as it is designed with a dual-probe Bluetooth cooking thermometer that allows you to check on the progress of your meal from your smartphone without needing to keep an eye on it. The free iDevices app connected on a phone or tablet will monitor two temperatures simultaneously and send alerts when your food reaches its optimum temperature.

cool kitchen appliances 2019


Measures temperatures up to 572 degrees

150 feet Bluetooth range

Accurate temperature readings

Clear display


Tedious application design


Bottom Line:

To make a smart kitchen, you can choose these smart gadgets for kitchen based on your own needs. All of them can make your life smarter and more convenient. Wish you have a wonderful experience in your kitchen.

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