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How to Put a Lock on a Garbage Can – Detailed Steps with Images

Worrying about dogs or other animasl may mess around with your garbage can? You can put a lock on a garbage can. Here is a step by step guide on how to do it by yourself.

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If you want to lock your trash canto keep your dog or other animal from digging the garbage can, it's recommended to put a lock on a garbage can. In that case, your garbage can is truly safe from any animals when you are away. In this article, I will show you how to add a lock to any regular trash can for indoors or outdoors situation.

Part 1 How to Put a Lock to Outdoor Trash Can

When you live in a community with wildlife, your trash can may be raided by bears, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, or rats. If you don’t want to clean up the mess with items in trash can littered everywhere, you really should put a tight lid with a lock on the trash can. Let’s see how to make animal-proof garbage can step by step.

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To do that, you will need to prepare a few tools, all are easy to buy on the market if you don’t have them at home. You will need a drill, a few hex bolt and stop nuts, a wrench, a maker, double hinge hasp and staple.

How to Put a Lock on a Garbage Can

Step 1. Take out the liner from the trash can. Put the hinge hasp on the lid and mark the position of the hinge hasp holes.

Step 2. Grab your drill and drill out those holes on marked position.

Step 3. Position the hinge hasp and insert the hex bolts. Attach washers and stop nuts and tighten them up.

Position the Hinge Hasp

Step 4. Position the staple on the trash can. Mark the position holes. Drill out the holes.

Step 5. Fix the staple on the trash can with washer and Stop nuts.

Put Locks to Trash Can

Now you can put a lock to lock up your trash can. To increase the security of the trash can, you can also use the same method to add 2 more hinge hasps on each side. In that case, your trash can is bear-proof.

Part 2 Put a Lock to Indoor Trash Can

For an indoor trash can, you don’t want your pets to mess up your garbage can for 2 main reasons. It is frustrating to clean up the kitchen littered with the contents of your trash can and some contents may be dangerous to your pets.

Unlike outdoor situation, you don’t need a strong lock for indoor trash can. You can use a similar approach to add a lock to your trash can. Instead of a double hinge hasp and staple, you'll simply need a lockable draw latch.

Indoor Trash Can Lock

In most of the case, you don’t always need a lock on the trash can for dog proof purpose. A draw latch should be able prevent dogs from getting in the trash can. To increase the security, you can always add a lock on the garbage can before leaving your house.

TIPs : A pet-proof trash can will save you a lot of energy and time, compared with putting a lock on a garbage can. What's more, it works more effectively in preventing pets from messing up with the garbage.

Part 3 Not into the DIY Approach? - An Easier Solution

If you are not familiar with these drill things and you don’t have all the tools, instead of buying all the tools, you can simply buy a better trash can with a lock. Not to mention there are chances you may break the trash can during the process.

Aicool Smart Trash can is a good-looking intelligent trash can that fits both indoor and outdoor situation. Let me tell you how intelligent it can be. You can remotely lock the trash can using a mobile application. The lid automatically opens when you want it to. No pets can trick it no matter how hard they try to open it.


The less time you need to touch the trash can, the better the chance to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. The Aicool Smart Trash can provides an automatic self-bagging system, so you don’t have to touch the trash can unless you want to replace all the trash bags. The trash bags are strong and recyclable.

Aicool Trash Can Makes Your Life Smarter & Cleaner

Open the trash can with a simple wave of hand. Efficient sensor and high performance.

Automatically seal and change trash bags, making trash work cleaner and easier.

Prevent trash can from germ, odor and fingerprint with lid, odor absorption technology, and fingerprint-proof coating.

Designed with app controlling, long-life battery and strong & recyclable trash bags.

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Aicool Smart Trash can has built-in rechargeable battery, so you can place it anywhere without a socket around. As you can image, Aicool Smart Trash can works better than any lock you can possibly put on a garbage can.

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