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The Best Pet Camera for Dogs in 2019

To know what your puppy is doing, whether they’re misbehaving, or to interact with them for some fun, read on to learn more about the best pet camera for dogs in 2019.

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If you have a naughty puppy at home while you’re always outside no matter it’s for work or traveling, you may feel worried when it’s not by your side. You want to know whether your furry friend is behaving well or whether it’s suffering from loneliness. In this case, a pet camera for dogs is necessary because you can have a visual on it by using this tool no matter where you are and no matter when it is.

In this article, I will introduce some best pet cameras for dogs in 2019 and hopefully, you can get whatever information you want.

The best pet camera for dogs

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What to Consider before Buying a Pet Camera

2 – Way Communication

Most pet cameras on the market provide 2-way audio or even video communication so that owners can interact with their puppies with ease. With 2-way communication, users can check their dogs, calm them down, and give them orders even when outside.

Send Motion and Noise Alert to Your Phone

Most pet cameras for dogs comes with the functionality of sending notifications to your phone when nearby activity is detected. Some cameras will even take a short video and send it to you so that you can get a full visual on your dog. Another nice feature of some top pet cameras for dogs is noise detection. The camera will send you alert once your dog is barking which signaling that it may have heard something abnormal. Once a video clip is captured, some cameras will allow you to store them in the cloud.

Capture Footages When You Are Away

If you are a busy person who always works late or you are the one who loves traveling far away from home, to keep an eye on your little puppy is definitely what you want but hard to do. Luckily, with some pet cameras, this can be done easily. They will allow you to watch live footages on your phone and store them in the cloud which makes you see what’s happening at your home and give you a peace of mind that you dog is okay.

Option 1 Petcube Pet Camera

The Petcube Wi-Fi pet camera is an attractive and cheap pet cam. It brings a 138-degree wide angle HD video camera with recording capabilities, 2-way audio, and motion –and sound –detection capabilities. It has a wonderful feature – a laser pointer toy which makes the interaction between you and your little puppy more fun. Just drag your finger across the phone’s screen to move the red spot on the floor, and your puppy will chase it.

Petcube supports both Apple and Android. You can also share clips of your dog or invite your friends or families to the camera stream too.

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Pet camera

Option 2 Furbo Dog Camera

If you are a dog owner, you won’t be unfamiliar with this brand. For less than 175 dollars, it will make you as if you are there with your dog even outside home miles away. This dog camera treat dispenser combo is beloved by many dog parents as well because, with it, you can toss your food snacks whenever you want.

Furbo also has noise detection feature. When your dog is barking, you will be notified. To ensure it won’t bother your neighbors, you can calm it down by talking with it.

This dog camera will also constantly take selfies when your dog faces it.

Meanwhile, night vision is also supported for you to monitor your dog even at night.

The best pet camera

Option 3 Pawbo Pet Camera

Pawbo provides a variety of ways for you to interact with your dog and is easy to set up.

This device features a 110-degree ultra wide camera lens, 720p video recording, and photography, and a revolving treat tray.

Moreover, it also has a laser toy for you to play with your puppy.

In all, with Pawbo Pet Camera, you can summon the dog with the customizable inbuilt ringtone, treat it with delicious snacks, chat with it via voice, or play with it when the dog feel bored.

What a versatile pet camera for dogs!

The best pet camera

Bottom Line

What is the best pet camera for dogs? The top 3 have been listed for reference. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can find whatever information you want.

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