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Which Motion Sensor Kitchen Bin Should I Choose?

Do you want a hands-free trash can in your kitchen? This time, I will introduce what a motion sensor kitchen bin is and which one is the best.

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What Is A Motion sensor Kitchen Bin

You won’t want to see a messed up kitchen every time after cooking, right? It’s a big headache to deal with those leftovers piled up on the stove too. In this case, a kitchen bin is necessary.

Getting a right kitchen bin in your kitchen is important. On the one hand, it takes care of all the trash from cooking. On the other hand, it stays hygienic and keeps your hands clean.

A motion sensor kitchen bin usually comprises a infrared sensor and a motor. The sensor helps to detect anybody approaching while the motor generates the power to open the lids.

As for traditional kitchen bins, users have to pedal them on which may easily break the pedal if it’s not sturdy enough, or they have to open up the lids with their own hands which makes them get contaminated by dirty germs.

With a motion sensor kitchen bin, all you need to do is just to wave your hands by its side to let the sensor notice you. Then, you can pour whatever garbage into it without touching the bin itself. After finished, the lids will close on their own.

In the following contents, I will briefly introduce the top 3 motion sensor kitchen bins and then, you can decide which one to choose.

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Aicool Smart Trash Can - Convenient, Hygenic, and Pretty

This is a 13-gallon multifunctional motion sensor kitchen bin. Its intelligent sensor can not only detect anybody approaching, but also, it’s able to recognize whether you’re a human or a dog to decide whether to open the lids or not. So, Aicool Smart Trash Can is also dog-proof.

Moreover, this motion sensor kitchen bin supports automatic bagging which saves you quite a lot of time and it’s made of sturdy stainless steel which is easy to clean and fingerprint-proof.

The price of this trash can is 299 dollars.

Aicool smart trash can

Simplehuman Voice + Motion sensor Trash Can

This is the most advanced motion sensor trash can of Simplehuman. It reacts when it notices your wave or hear your request so that you don’t need to open the lids with your own hands like when using traditional ones.

The most amazing feature is its 20 pack in the liner pocket. The trash can is able to dispense liners one by one which makes trash-duty fast and easy. Meanwhile, dual-compartment option is also available for you to sort your daily refuse.

This trash can costs around 200 dollars which is a little bit cheaper than Aicool.


Morphy Richards Square Sensor Bin 42L - Perfectly Match Decors 

This bin is pretty good-looking and offers many colors including red and black for users to choose from. This bin is made of stainless steel too and is 75cm tall with a rectangular footprint 34cm wide and 25cm deep. The sensor activates to open the lids when your hand is 15 to 20cm away and the bin will close automatically after 5 seconds of inactivity.

What’s more, there is also a removable ring fitting over the rim of the bin to hold a bin liner in place and the entire lids will lift off to allow a full bag to be replaced.

Morphy Richards

Bottom Line

After going through the article, have you gotten a primary understanding of what a motion sensor kitchen bin is and which one is the best to choose?

Please keep track of Aicool Smart Trash Can which will come out in the near future and it will absolutely bring you much surprise.

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