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Pros and Cons of Using Kitchen Garbage Can Cabinet

Is it a good practice to get a kitchen garbage can cabinet? It has pros and cons. Check this post for all you need to know about it.

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When designing kitchen layout, many people think about building or buying a kitchen garbage can cabinet. This article will help you find out if a kitchen garbage can cabinet is a good idea for your kitchen.

Pull out Wastebasket


It is important to have an easy to access trash can in your kitchen, but you don’t want the trash can to be the first thing being seen when you walk into the kitchen. Therefore, you may want to hide the garbage can in the kitchen cabinet.

For those families that have a small kitchen room, a slim kitchen trash can might be a good option. However, the capacity is limited. A custom kitchen trash can cabinet definitely saves your precious square footage, while providing larger capacity.

Whether you buy a garbage can cabinet or DIY, it allows you to store our trash and recycling bins easily.

While keeping the trash can behind the cabinet door, it also covers the odor from the kitchen trash.

For those who have pets in the house, pets may find it a hard time to access the kitchen trash.


A coin has two side. There are some disadvantages of using making a kitchen garbage can cabinet.

1.     While it saves your kitchen floor space, it wastes your cabinet storage space.

2.     Since the trash is hidden in the cabinet, it is more likely you may forget to take the trash out. It really smells when you leave kitchen trash too long in the house.

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3.     Speaking of odor, it truly works in some way. As you know the cabinet door is not 100% sealed when you close it. Instead of cabinet, a trash can with a sealed lid will do a better job in terms of odor prevention.

4.     It is inconvenient. When you want to throw some trash in, you need to pull the trash can out, which requires both of your hands. While preparing a meal, you need to stop what you are working on to throw anything into the trash can. Instead of a trash can cabinet, a petal trash frees your hands to open the lid.

5.     It takes more money and efforts than a trash can. The money you spent buying a trash can cabinet can buy a very good trash can while saving some extra. If you decide to convert your existing cabinet, you require hard work and time. You also need to buy a few tools like drawer slides, cordless drill, pocket hole screws, etc. If you are not familiar with these stuff, it is not recommended to do it by yourself because you may break the cabinet or hurt yourself.

The Best Kitchen Trash You Can Buy

As mentioned, a petal trash can with a lid is better than kitchen garbage can cabinet in many ways. What I am about to introduce to you is something even better. That is Aicool Smart Trash can, a beautiful looking smart trash can.

Aicool Smart Trash Can

The trash lid locks the odor within. What’s more, it has built in activated carbon deodorizer to get rid of odor from trash can. The lid opens and closes by itself as you want. Powered by artificial smart sensor, you just need to wave your hard or approach to the trash can and the trash can lid opens automatically.

As you know kitchen trash can is attractive to pets. Aicool Smart Trash Can is smart enough to prevent pets from getting into the trash. If you ever need to leave your pets alone at home, you won’t need to worry about them ravaging kitchen trash.

What’s even better, it the self-bagging system. You can push one button to automatically bag pack and seal the trash bag and replace it with a new one. That makes this trash can truly touchless. As you know, a trash can is easy to spread bacteria and germs. The less you touch it, the less chance you and your family will get infected.


For those who enough kitchen storage, but less floor space, you can get kitchen garbage can cabinet for kitchen custom design. Otherwise, a good trash can with a lid is working better. Aicool Smart Trash can is a good fit for your kitchen.

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