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7 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Dogs are our good friend. If you want them to company you longer, here are 7 things to keep your dog healthy and happy.

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Dogs’ lifespan is 12 to 14 years. For those who love dogs, such as myself, it is really heartbroken to see dogs suffer from disease or death. In this article, I will show 7 things you can do to keep your dog healthy  and happy. If you care for your dog, please do these things you can do to extent dog’s life.

Vaccinate Your Dog

We all know it is important to vaccinate your dog against potential disease such as distemper, parvo, and rabies, but if dogs are vaccinated too early when the immune system is still immature, you may get the opposite results.

Vaccinate Your Dog

For those who have a new puppy, it is recommended to take a blood sample and send it to the lab for a little test of antibodies at 12 weeks of your dog. If the test result shows that your dog is positive for antibodies against distemper and parvo, then you can test it again after 5 months. If still positive, you can repeat the test after a year. When your dog get older, then it is not necessary because it is not common in older and adult dogs to get parvo distemper.

For rabies, it is recommended to give rabies to your dog after six months of age. Then take it every 1 – 3 years, which is required by law. It is important to reduce the number of vaccines.

Visit the Vet

To keep your dog healthy, it is important to find a veterinarian that you can trust and visit regularly because routine vet care is the foundation for your dog’s health. Since your dog cannot tell you if he or she has dog health problems directly, it is essential for you to do routine wellness examinations performed by your wet twice a year.

Collars and Leashes

I have seen dogs get really injured and affected by collars. I recommend using Front-Attachment Harness that is much safer and it frees the dog’s neck. What’s more, it prevents your dog from injuries and damage.

You may think about the electric collar, but that is also very harmful. It creates obviously energy waves and electric waves within the body, which will traumatize your dogs.

Keep a Dog Healthy

Another major issue is a retractable leash because retractable leashes generate a certain spring when your dog is on it and dogs have to pull the spring to actually extend the leash and that’s when injuries happen.

Keep Your Dog Free of Parasites

To keep fleas out of dogs, you should give your dog a bath on a regular basis. Don’t use toxic chemicals. You can add a small amount of dishwashing liquid under running water to fill a sink or bathtub.

Healthy diet

A nutritious diet is also very important for your dog’s health because it directly affects your dog’s skin and coat, weight, energy level, and gastrointestinal function. It is recommended to learn about homemade diets because dog treats you buy is likely with poor quality ingredients in them. Be cautious that there are some human foods that your dog should never eat.

If you really don’t have the time and energy to make food for your dog, then I recommend giving wheat-based treats and milk-based treats. If possible, try to buy local treats and expensive ones.

Love and Care

Dogs are always good companies. They already remain loyal to you and only you. We should treat them with love and affection. Spend more time with your dog as dogs age faster than human. If you have time, play with your dog and take him or her to other places more often.

Teach your dog tricks like “sit and stand”, “high-five”, “shake hands”, etc. It also important for your dogs to keep regular exercise. If you ever going to leave your dog alone at home, make sure he or she stays safe and has enough food.

Avoid Eating Garbage

In case you have to leave your dog at home alone, you should teach your dog not to raid trash when you leave. You certainly don’t want to clean up trash littered all over your house. More importantly, things in the trash can can be dangerous to your dog, especially kitchen trash can. 

To get your dog away from trash, I recommend using a good dog proof touchless trash can.Here is a list of top dog-proof garbage cans you should consider. And one of the most effective is Aicool Smart Trash Can. When you double-click on the Home button, it will activate pet-proof mode and then your dog cannot get access to the trash inside.

Aicool Smart Trash Can

When you need to throw trash in, you just wave your hand and it automatically opens the lid. The trash can has a camera built-in, so it can tell if it is human or pets. No matter how hard your dog tries, the trash can stays closed. The trash can keeps the odor inside and deodorize, which also reduce the interest of your dog for the trash can.

That’s all the 7 things that you can do to keep your dog healthy and happy. If I have missed anything, feel free to leave a comment.

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