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[2019]5 Easy Ways to Keep Animals out of Your Garbage

How to keep animals out of your garbage? It is a headache for most of us. Here we provide 5 easy ways to help you keep animals out of your garbage.

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Have you ever put your garbage out to the trash bin at night and found it strewn all over the yard the next morning?  Are you getting tired of cleaning up the mussy garbage every morning? Some animals such as raccoons, dogs, cats, opossums like to search for food in garbage bin at night. You mush want to know how to prevent animals from getting into your trash. There are 5 easy methods to help you keep animals out of your garbage.

 Keep Animals out of Your Garbage

Method 1: Change to a Metal Garbage Bin with Lid and Lock

Change to a Metal Garbage Bin with Lid and Loc

If you use a plastic garbage can, change to a metal one first. Plastic garbage cans can be gnawed over time by the animals and it will absorb odors easily. There will be smells even after the long-used plastic can has been emptied. Metal garbage bins are firm enough to avoid being damaged by animals. Changing a metal garbage bin with lid and lock is an easy way to keep animals out of your garbage.

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Method 2: Keep Garbage Bin Lid Tightly Closed

The animals are lured in by the smells coming from your trash bin, so be sure to cover your garbage can tightly to prevent the animals from breaking into the garbage can. Here are several physical barriers for you to keep garbage can lid closed.

1, Placing some heavy objects on top of the trash can. 

You can simply place a heavy rock or cinder block on top of the trash can lid to keep it closed and prevent animals from lifting the top. 

2, Tie up the lid with bungee cords or chain. 

Looping bungee cords or chain through the top and side handles of the garbage can is an effect method to keep your garbage lid secure from intruders.

3, Fasten garbage bin with stakes.

Keep Garbage Bin Lid Tightly Closed 

Some raccoons or dogs can knock down the garbage bin and get into the trash. So fasten garbage bin with metal or wooden stakes is a good way to keep animals from tipping them over.

Method 3: Install Motion Sensor Lights to Keep Animals out of Your Garbage

Raccoons and other nighttime animals prefer darkness and will be startled by the bright light. So installing motion sensor lights near your trash can is an easy way to keep animals out of your garbage. The bright flash will scare off the animals who want to get into the trash. A motion sensor trash can will also effectively prevent animals from opening the lid. 

Method 4: Keep Animals out of Your Garbage with Homemade Sprays

The scent of homemade sprays will deter but not harm the animals. So it is a good method to prevent animals from getting into your trash. There are three homemade sprays for you.

1, Citrus Spray

Some animals like dogs and skunks dislike the smell of citrus fruits. You can make the citrus spray by lemon, orange, lime or grapefruit juice and water, then spray on the inside lid, outside of trash can and top of the trash bag.

2, Hot Pepper Spray

Make a hot pepper spray with some chopped Jalapeno, one chopped yellow onion, and a tablespoon of cayenne pepper. Mix them with some water, and boil for 20 minutes. Then cool and strain them. Spray around the trash can and top of the bags.

3, Vinegar or Ammonia Spray

Mix vinegar and water and spray it around your trash can. Ammonia is one of the highly effective and offensive repellent. Dilute ammonia with water to make a spray. Spray ammonia or place ammonia-soaked cloths in and around the trash can. As ammonia and vinegar will kill plants, avoid spraying them on gardens and lawns.

Tips: Reapply the homemade spray around the outside of your trash can after a rainfall if the can is outdoors. 

Method 5: Put Your Garbage Bin Indoors

Keeping our garbage bin indoors is the most secure way to keep animals out of your garbage. You can throw trash out for pickup until the morning. But you may not want to keep the bin inside because there will be germ and odor if you keep the trash indoor overnight. No more worry about germ and odor from now on. Aicool Smart Trash Can will help you solve this problem. Designed with a solid lid that will seal the germ and nasty odor inside. Besides, there is a built-in carbon deodorizer which can eliminate inside odors. What’s more, this trash can helps you seal and change trash bags automatically, which make your trash work easier and cleaner.

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In this article, we introduced 5 easy methods to keep animals out of your garbage. You can try any of them to prevent animals getting into your trash can. If you try all of the above tips and still have animals ripping apart your trash, feel free to make a comment below. 

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