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Tips You Must Know When Unclogging a Toilet with Plunger

Have no idea on how to unclog a toilet with plunger? Never miss the tip listed in the article that shows you how to unclog a toilet with plunger.

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Toilet clogging seems to happen at the most inopportune moments, which means that it is quite a common problem in our daily life and often raises concerns about plumbing systems that most people have to fix at some point, especially when you are at someone’s house. Are you paralyzed with panic in that moment? Do you exactly know what to do? In general, you can clear most of clogs yourself without paying a plumber. With a little practice and a plunger, even a home maintenance novice can fix the clogged toilet in minutes without flooding your bathroom and making matters worse. In this article, we will show you how to unclog a toilet with plunger.

how to unclog a toilet with plunger


Which Plunger Should You Choose to Unclog a Toilet?

Usually, different types of plumbing fixtures require different types of plungers. The most basic type is the cup plunger, also known as sink plunger, featuring a dome-shaped rubber cup with a flat bottom. This type generally works well for sinks and bathtubs as the flat bottom will form a seal around the relatively flat sink or tub basin.

The appropriate tool for unclogging a toilet is a toilet plunger, also called a flange plunger. It has a cup that is taller than the one on the sink plunger, and it also comes with a telescopic extension called flange at the bottom of the cup. The flange can fit into the hole of the toilet for good sealing effect, even can be folded into the cups, so this plunger can also be used on sinks and bathtubs. However, you’d better use a toilet plunger to unclog your toilet, because cup plungers are much less effective for removing toilet clogs.

 how to unclog a toilet with plunger

Detailed Guide on How to Unclog a Toilet with Plunger

Have no idea on how to unclog a toilet with plunger after choosing the right plunger for your clogged toilet? Check the guide below to quickly and effectively clear a clogged toilet so that you can avoid any household disaster in any time.

Step 1. Stop the toilet bowl from filling up

If your toilet doesn't flush properly after one flush or if it looks like water might be spilling out of the toilet, don't flush it again, just take the lid off the toilet tank as quickly as possible and close the toilet flapper to prevent more water from entering the toilet bowl.

how to unclog a toilet with plunger

TIP : It is good to put your hand inside the tank and close the flapper as water in the tank is not dirty.

Step 2. Preheat your plunger

Hard and rigid plungers are not as good as soft and pliable ones. Put the plunger under hot water before using it to unclog your toilet, which will soften the rubber to help you get a better seal on the toilet bowl.

Step3. Correctly insert the plunger into the bowl. 

Insert the plunger into the bowl and then it will form a solid seal on the outlet hole. Note that the plunger should completely cover the hole. To make the plunger work more effective, you should immerse the plunger in water. Remember to push and pull water through the openings, not air. If necessary, you can add some water from the sink to the bowl.

Make sure that you pump the plunger over the hole. Start slowly to avoid pushing air into the bowl in the first plunge. Then push down and sharply pull up to disturb the blockage. Next, you need to continue to push and pull until water begins to drain. It may take 15 to 20 cycles before unclogging the toilet. Plunging alone often works well as long as you're sure there's nothing hard in the toilet. Although it may not run immediately, it often works after some repetitive efforts and flushing.

 how to unclog a toilet with plunger

Step 4. Flush your toilet and check the drainage

If the insertion eventually drains the bowl, but the clog is still blocking the free flow of water, just leave your plunger in the bowl and refill the bowl with some water. When filling it to the normal position after a regular flush, you can plunge again. It will take you several times to unclog a toilet with plunger if there is a stubborn clog. 

Bonus Tip: Add Hot Water and Dishwasher Detergent before Unclogging a Toilet with Plunger

Before the plunger starts, simply add a few cups of hot water to the toilet as a high temperature can always help to break down the stuff. After pouring hot water in, remember to let it sit for a few minutes. The heat generated by hot water can sometimes break a toilet jam without using plunger. If you're blocking a toilet at a friend's house and you don't want to face the embarrassment of asking for a plunger, this could be a good strategy for you. 

Besides, you can also add some dishwasher detergent to the mix as soap can also help break the clog up as well. In most cases, this cleaner can successfully remove blockages caused by organic materials. If the water still won’t flush after your second try, you need to unclog the toilet with a plunger.

Bottom Line:

When the toilet gets blocked, don’t worry too much. You can simply and quickly unclog a toilet with plunger by following the steps above. You can also share the detailed guide with your family members or friends. One more thing, to keep your bathroom clean, you can place Aicool Smart Trash Can to make your life cleaner.

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