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How to Organize Your Kitchen - 5 Places Not to Be Missed

Nobody wants a chaotic or even smelly kitchen since it is one of the most frequently used areas in your home. An uncluttered kitchen with everything in its proper place and odorless is what you dreamed of. Check this post to get useful tips about how to organize your kitchen by covering 5 key places.

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The importance of a kitchen is undeniable. It is one of the places where we used most frequently, and where we prepare three meals a day for the whole family. Therefore, a clean, tidy, inodorous, uncluttered kitchen is crucial for healthier eating and better life. However, the kitchen stores various things including kinds of food, cutleries, kitchenware and more, thus how to make a kitchen with only a few square meters looks more organized and sanitary, how to keep a kitchen clean, which is a matter that everyone concerned most and committed to doing it well.

How to Organize Your Kitchen

In the follow-up article, we will share your practical tips regarding how to organize your kitchen by introducing 5 key places you can’t miss to make your kitchen more organized and hygienic.

1. How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets usually have upper cabinets and lower cabinets. As the largest storage unit in the kitchen, most of the stuff is stacked inside. Actually, you can put everything in it, for instance, kinds of spices, dried foods like beans, plates, cups, shovels and lots of other gadgets. Without further ado, here just two tips you can get your uttered cabinet organized.

Tip 1 Discard Useless Things

There must be something you are not frequently used, like expired items, same items with different degrees of old and new, broken or mutilated items, gadgets you bought but never used even for once, and more things you may already forget. Throw away useless things, for those you don't use yet still useful for others, you can donate or give away them.

Tip 2 Group Items

Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets by Grouping Items

Putting everything together is not easy to organize or find when you need it. So, sort all your items according to a different category and the frequency you use them is the second tips for organizing your kitchen cabinets.

Then, how to group items. Sort all your baking items and pile them together. Sort your cooking items and pile them together. Categorize your baking pieces and put them in a separate zone. Group the dishes you eat from, glassware, holiday or other seasonal items that may only get used occasionally. After that, you’ll save almost half storage of your cabinet.

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2. How to Organize Your Kitchen Counters

Next, let’s move to how to organize your kitchen counters, where you always do food preparation and utensils washes, almost every day. In this part, we also introduce you the most 2 essential tips to organize your kitchen counter. Namely keeping it clear and make use of the vertical space.

Tip 1 Keep Your Counter Clear at All Times

Whether you have a large or small counter, keeping as few or no items on it as possible is the most prior tips to make your counter organized. It is a place for you to do a variety of cooking preparations and other operations, not a space for items.

As for me, I prefer to leave nothing on the counter. Everything you may use in the kitchen, like plates, glass, jars, knives, cutting boards, towels, and more things, should have their own storage area. Take them out on your counter when you need them, afterward, timely return them back where they belong. In that way, your counter would never get cluttered with more and more stuff over time. So, just keep things off your counter.

Tip 2 Make Use of the Vertical Space

To making use of the vertical space means to make the most use of the space between your counter and the upper cabinet. It cannot be denied that there are some things you use so often that not suitable for storage in an airtight place like the cabinet or drawer, whereas better be kept at where you can see them at a glance and reach them directly. Things like ladles, spatulas, knives, spoons, egg mixers, etc. It is indeed useful to make good use of the vertical space at this time.

Organize Your Kitchen Counter

How to make use of the vertical space? Installing a kitchen wall rack in the area between your counter and the upper closet to put daily use items is a good choice. Various smart wall storage racks capable of different yet useful features, you can choose the most suitable one according to your needs. An inexpensive yet useful wall rack can be easily found on furniture platforms like IKEA.

3. How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

As we mentioned in the first part, sorting and placing items by individual category is both space-saving and easy to get. This rule also applies to drawer organization. To follow and implement this rule, the best track is to use drawer dividers.

Drawer dividers are great for cooking utensils, various containers, and other gadgets. Everyone needs a place to keep those little miscellaneous things. Drawer dividers make it easy for you to assign a little spot for each thing, as well as be able to quickly find things when you need them.

Furthermore, if you have a deep drawer, there is another good tip to organize your drawer that is using a tension rod to store pot lids upright. It’s great for not only keeping your lids organized but also creating more space to stack your pots and pans.

Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

4. How to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

A pantry isn't just for storing food, cookie sheets, mixing bowls and canisters, racks for wine bottles, but also for keeping your kitchen organized and clutter-free. However, how to make a well-organized pantry?

Tip 1. Using baskets. Baskets are to pantries what dividers are to drawers. Sort and organize your baskets by category, like snacks, baked goods, pasta, bread products, etc., and better slap a few labels on your baskets so you know what to look for when you’re cooking dinner or assembling lunch in a rush.

Tip 2. Make use of containers. Store baking ingredients and grains in different containers, glass, and plastic containers are both OK. A good method that is especially helpful for bulk-bin items, like rice, grains, and nuts, making you get rid of pantry chaos.

Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

5. How to Organize Your Kitchen Waste

The last tip is not as obvious as the previous ones in terms of space-saving and items classification, but it is crucial to keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic. No one wants a kitchen full of odors, so it's especially important to deal with your kitchen waste in a timely manner. Then, how to organize your kitchen waste?

Here are 3 suggestions:

Organize Your Kitchen Waste

The Bottom Line

You see, spending less time rummaging through your cabinets, counters, drawers, and waste makes life easier and healthier. From now on, more time for you to enjoy hosting Thanksgiving in your home, more willing to prepare three meals a day for your family, and less worry about your pet knocking over the garbage can.

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