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How to Keep Your Dog out of Your Trash Can

It can be frustrating to clean the mess made by your dog on regular basis because he or she has very easy access to your trash can. How to keep your dog out of your trash can? In the following contents, I will give some practical advice and a pet-proof trash can will also be introduced.

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Why Does Your Dog Love the Trash Can

Before getting ready to know how to keep your dog out of your trash can, you might as well understand why the dog always love to play with it.

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There are mainly 3 reasons.

1.       Your Puppy Is Too Hungry

If you don’t feed your dog on adequate food, when they feel hungry, they are forced to look for food on their own.

How to keep your dog out of the trash can

2.       They Smell Something Irresistible

You may like pouring leftover food into the trash can. This can definitely be a feast for your dog.

Delicious smell comes out of the can and the dog, who has a very sensitive nose, tracks it down and finally get the loot by tipping the trash can over.

3.       Your Dog Feels too Bored

Don’t complain about your dog play with the trash can too often and think whether you’ve spent enough time on them.

Like people, dogs can feel lonely, bored, and anxious. To kill time, they would like to find something interesting to do. The trash bin - full of delicious leftover food - can be their best choice.

How to Keep the Dog away from the Trash Can

Solution 1 Buy Your Dog A Reliable Feeding System

As your dog grows bigger, more food will be needed. And also, your dog may have been waiting too long after the last meal and in this case, an automated feeding system on a timer will be needed.

Dogs need to eat twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. If you are working or at school during the feeding time, a automatic feeding system can come in handy to provide your dog with food on time.

After a long research, I found PetSafe Simply Feed Automatic Feeder – a reliable sturdy one to feed your little puppy, which you can buy at 134.95$ on Amazon! It makes it easy for you to feed your dog the right amount, right on time. It delivers each meal at the same time every day.

Automatic dog feeder

Solution 2 Clean the Trash Can on Regular Basis

If the trash can in your kitchen is a regular one, it’s inevitable that it will give out smells once you pour leftover food into it. To avoid your dog from noticing it, you should frequently empty the trash can and clean it with some effective spray.

Solution 3 Give Your Dog Some Fun

To Keep your dog away from your trash can, buy he or she some brain-stimulating toys, hang them out more often and give them more things to do!

Solution 4 Choose A Dog Proof-proof Trash Can

Why Should You Use A Dog-proof Trash Can

On the one hand, it’s a big hassle to clean the mess made by your dog regularly. On the other hand, things inside the trash can can be harmful. For example, the penicillium can make your dog badly sick, not to mention some poisonous chemical materials and glass.

What’s more, it can be also harmful if your dog like chewing the coating which is toxic of the trash can.

Get the Best Sensible Eco Living Trash Can to Solve the Trouble

To protect your pet better, a smart trash can can be a good choice. Different from traditional ones, Aicool Smart Trash Can has a monitor on its lid which can detect whether a dog or a human is approaching. By double-clicking on the home button, you can activate the pet-proof mode. So, even if the dog tip it over, the lid is still closed and the trash inside won’t come out.

Moreover, the sensible eco living trash can is made of stainless steel which is very sturdy. This makes it impossible for your dog to damage it.

Other Practical Features of Aicool

1.       Changing a trash bag on its own.

2.       App remote control.

3.       Fingerprint-proof.

4.       Trash bags in high quality.

5.       Bacteria-proof and odor-proof.

6.       Easy-to-wash

Bottom Line

How to keep your dog out of the trash can? After learning from the top 3 tips and knowing about the best sensible eco living trash can, hopefully, you’ve found a solution.

Keep track of the latest information of Aicool, it will amaze you soon!

Aicool Trash Can Makes Your Life Smarter & Cleaner

Open the trash can with a simple wave of hand. Efficient sensor and high performance.

Automatically seal and change trash bags, making trash work cleaner and easier.

Prevent trash can from germ, odor and fingerprint with lid, odor absorption technology, and fingerprint-proof coating.

Designed with app controlling, long-life battery and strong & recyclable trash bags.

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