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How to Get Rid of Dog Hair – Best Tips Are Given

How to get rid of dog hair if your 4-legged friend keeps shedding? Read on and you will find some most practical tips in the following article.

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As dog owners, we all love cuddling with our 4-legged friends for they bring us so much happiness and entertainment.

Although it’s great to stay with them, they bring us trouble sometimes. And constant shedding is one of the most serious.

How to get rid of dog hair? Are you still bothered by this long-term issue or trying to figure out a way to deal with it? Fortunately, in this article, I will list some practical tips on how to get rid of dog hair in house.

How to get rid of dog hair in house

Why Does Your Canine Shed

It’s nearly a common sense that dogs shed most in the transition between fall and spring. Significant weather changing triggers hair follicle to release more hair.

However, dogs that stay exclusively indoors tend to shed much more compared with those that usually wander outdoors. Since nowadays, more and more dogs are raised indoors, it’s possible for them to shed throughout the whole year.

Method 1 Feed Your Doggie with Quality Food

Some owners respond that their dogs shed really less when they feed on good quality food which provides better nutrients. For example, a premium brand of dog food may drastically decrease the amount of shedding. So, don’t try to save your money while you should spend them where they should be.

Method 2 Brush Your Dog on Daily Basis

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid off dog hair is to brush the dog frequently. It will be much better if on daily basis. Brushing your canine helps remove loose fur before it has a chance to fall and stick to your furniture, car seat, clothes, and everywhere. The type of brush relies on the breed you have. For instance, a bristle brush will be perfect for a shorthaired dog; a “rake” is best for longhaired dogs; a pin brush is suitable for those with long, wavy fur.

If you don’t know where to buy these brushes, go to local pet stores for they usually have specially designed brush for dogs with excessive shedding problems and I believe the clients there will be very willing to offer help.

Method 3 Add Moisture to Your Dog’s Food

Dogs who are lacking in moisture are more likely to suffer from extreme shedding problems because a meal regimen based solely on dry dog food can make for more easily broken off fur. But still, there are various ways you can increase your dog’s moisture intake: melons, green beans, and carrots are all very good options that your dog love to moderately increase moisture consumption. A number of people also feed their dogs flax seed oil so as to keep the coat in top condition, but since there is a conflicting opinion about this, be sure to consult your veterinarian first.

Method 4 Bathe Your Dog Regularly

How to get rid of dog hair in house? Another helpfully and effective way to decrease your dog’s shedding is regular bathing; Giving your dog frequent baths helps remove clotted and matted up fur, and there are plenty of anti-shedding shampoos and conditioners out there for you to choose from. How often should you give your dog a bath depends on many factors including the breed, the lifestyle, and the skin type. Remember to check with your veterinarian first as bathing too much can strip a dog’s coat of necessary oils and cause dry and itchy skin.

Method 5 Always Prepare A Vacuum and A Lint Roller

While good quality food, moisture, frequent brush and bath can all keep your dog’s shedding under control, there is no magic fix, and chances are you can still find loose hair here and there. So, you should vacuum the floor more frequently and this can help deal with the build-up effectively and also, it’s a must to have a lint roller on hand for any pet owners. Try putting a blanket or a sheet on the sofa before you invite your canine up to cuddle with you.

Bonus – A Dog Proof Trash Can

For dog owners, it’s a headache to see the dog dig into the trash can and make it a mess.

So this time, I will introduce a brand new smart trash can to help prevent this from happening.

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Just step close and wave your hand 15~20cm away, then, Aicool will give you an immediate response.


Bottom Line

Now, you must’ve learnt how to get rid of dog hair in house effectively with the 5 methods provided above. As a dog owner, if you find this article helpful, kindly, please share it with others for more people to see.

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