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How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner - Common Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Have you ever thought about fixing a vacuum cleaner yourself? Just check the guide on how to fix a vacuum cleaner so that you can save valuable time and money.

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Robot vacuum cleaners are an integral appliance for cleaning your floor, carpet, stairs, etc., but they are very sensitive and might break easily as there are lots of moving parts inside. Are you tempted to buy a new one when your vacuum cleaner stops working? Have you ever thought about fixing a vacuum cleaner yourself? Actually, you can save valuable time and money by identifying problems and fixing them at home. Although all vacuums are built differently, solutions are similar across brands. Today we list the most common problems you can fix yourself. Just keep reading.

 How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner

1. How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner that Can’t Pick up

It sounds terribly bad if your vacuum cleaner doesn't suck like it used to. Actually, this is probably the most common problem occurred in vacuums. Just check the follow solutions to easily fix a vacuum cleaner that can’t pick up.

• Check the bag or cylinder. The first thing you need to check is the bag or cylinder on your vacuum. There will be no suction if it is full. Simply replace the old bag with a new one or take out the cylinder and empty it. Then turn on the vacuum to see if it picks up dirt and dust. 

• Check air filter and exhaust filter. If the air filter or exhaust filter is clogged, your vacuum cleaner won’t have proper suction. Just refer to the user manual for cleaning instructions or check this guide on how to clean vacuum filter. If it still won’t suck too much after the cleaning, consider replacing your air or exhaust filter.

• Check vacuum hose. If your vacuum hose is clogged, it can’t pick up any dirt. Just remove it from the vacuum and straighten it out. Then shine a bright flashlight through one end of the hose to see if any light can through the other side. If the flashlight beam is not visible from the other side, use a blunt object to remove anything that blocks the airflow.

• Check the belt. If your vacuum is noisier than usual or the roller doesn’t move, it’s time to check whether the belt is cracked or broken. Just buy a new one from home improvement stores or online retailers and then replace it.

• Check the blower wheel. Try turning the blower wheel by hand. If the blower wheel can’t rotate freely, check the wheels for obstructions and remove them. If there are no obstructions, the blower motor may be faulty and then replace the motor.

Fix a Vacuum Cleaner 2019 

2. How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner Motor not Working

If your vacuum motor can’t work properly, just check the following 3 possible causes and potential solutions.

• Check the on-off switch. To determine whether the switch is defective, simply test its continuity with a multimeter. If it has no continuity, then replace it.

• Check the drive motor and fan motor. If the power switch is conductive, make sure the blower wheel can turn freely and is free of obstacles. If the motor is switched on and turns properly, but the motor still can’t run, replace the motor.

• Check the motor brush.  If your vacuum is over-encumbered by hair, simply refer to the instruction manual to clean the brush. You need to replace the motor brush if it is burned or damaged.

3. How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner Brush not Spinning

Can your vacuum cleaner brush spin properly? If your brush is clean, but still isn’t spinning, don’t panic. Just follow the tips below to fix it.

• Check the belt. Carefully check the belt, drive belt and cogged belt to see if it is broken, stretched out or out of place. If they are broken or stretched out, buy new belts from the store.

• Check the brush roll. If the brush roller sticks, it will cause too much friction and put too much pressure on the belt. Remove the brush and clean all hair, rope and lint from the brush roller bearings. If the vacuum cleaner brush still does not spin after cleaning, consider replacing it.

• Check the brush roll motor. Make sure your brush roll motor is getting power. If the power is switched on and the motor turns freely, but it still won’t spin, you probably need to visit a professional or find a replacement motor.

Bottom Line:

Once you know how to fix a vacuum cleaner, you can save your time and money. Hope the guide is helpful for you. You can also share with your friends and family members. Apart from using vacuum to clean your home, you can also consider placing smart trash can to make your life cleaner and smarter.

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