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How to Clean Vacuum Filter Properly - 4 Tips Worth Knowing

Knowing how to clean vacuum filter properly can help you maintain the maximum performance and longevity of your vacuum cleaner. Check the detailed guide on how to clean vacuum filter easily and quickly.

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Clogged vacuum filters can seriously affect the performance and longevity of your vacuum cleaners, so cleaning the filter regularly can maintain its strong suction and help effectively absorb dirt and debris. We recommend you check and clean your filter when you emptying the dustbin.Today we will show you a detailed guide on how to clean vacuum filter easily and quickly. Follow the tips to keep your vacuums free from blockages and ensure a top-performing cleaning system.

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What Will You Need to Clean Vacuum Filter?

In general, different vacuum models come with different filtering systems. Whatever your filter type is, the materials you need to prepare in advance are the same. Before learning the steps to clean vacuum filter, see the materials below:

• Vacuum cleaner manual

• Small soft brush or an old toothbrush

• Water

• Garbage can

How to Clean Vacuum Filter with 4 Steps 

Note that some filters can be washable while others need to be replaced when dirt accumulates. The HEPA filter is an exception. Cleaning it will damage the fibers and make it less effective at blocking microscopic allergens as it is made of tightly woven materials. When your HEPA filter is dirty, you’d better purchase a new one from the store. Actually, most of washable filters can be cleaned thoroughly by following the guide below. Keep reading.

Step 1. Check Your Vacuum Cleaner Manual

As aforementioned, there are many types of filters and each vacuum cleaner has a specific way to clean the filter, so remember to check your user manual before cleaning. The manual will explain the type of filter your vacuum cleaner uses, how to remove the filter, how to clean it and how often you should clean it. Some detachable parts can be rinsed in a sink, while others simply need any dust brushed off the filter. Do follow the cleaning instructions and never attempt to wash your filter if the manual specifically mentions that the filter is not washable.

TIP : If you don't have a user manual or can’t find it, just visit the website of your vacuum cleaner’s manufacturer as they might have instructions for cleaning your specific filters.

Step 2. Remove Excess Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt may spread in the air and settle on your furniture or nearby surfaces when you remove them from your vacuum filter. To avoid spreading all the dust indoors when cleaning vacuum filter, it is best to take your filter outside, preferably in a garage or a dustbin. First, gently tap the filter on the side of the trash can to make the most of the dust fall in. Next, use a soft brush to scrub it on both sides of the filter. An old toothbrush can also help you get rid of most dust and dirt particles embedded in the filter.

Step 3. Rinse Your Vacuum Filter If Allowed

If your vacuum filter is made of plastic, foam or a similar material, you are allowed to wash it under the sink. Just scrub it gently under running water without any detergent and tap your filter to remove excess water after rinsing. Then let it dry horizontally for about 24 hours before you reinstall it to your vacuum cleaner. 

Don’t forget to cross-check the user manual before wetting the filter as it might be adversely affected if it is made of paper.

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Step 4. Regularly Replace Your Filter

Even if you clean and maintain your vacuum filter properly, they have a specific lifespan and must be replaced regularly based on the manufacturer's advice. Don't ignore the recommended lifespans as overworked filters may cause more damage to your vacuum cleaners than the home service they provide. In general, the conventional vacuum filters can last from 6 to 12 months, but it all depends on how often you use them and how they are maintained. Some new model filters are designed to last for a long time and all you need is to maintain it properly and regularly.

Bottom Line:

Knowing how to clean vacuum filter regularly can’t be ignored as the accumulated dirt can cause clogging and lead to insufficient suction of your equipment, even damage the motor. Hope the tips in the article can help you a lot. To make your life cleaner and smarter, you can also consider placing smart trash can in your house.

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