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How to Clean Dishwasher with 5 Simple Steps

Everyone should learn how to clean dishwasher so that you can maintain the efficiency of dishwasher and keep your kitchen clean. Check the detailed guide on how to clean dishwasher with 5 simple steps.

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Although you may spend much time on wiping down countertops and cutting boards in your kitchen, when it comes to the cleaning of dishwasher, many people neglect it. If you don’t periodically wash dishwasher, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and germs that are all bad for your health. What’s worse, it can even reduce the efficiency of your machine over time and shorten the life of dishwasher. Learning the following guide on how to clean dishwasher becomes quite important for us. In such way, you can also save money on expensive repairs.

 How to Clean Dishwasher

What Materials Do You Need to Clean Dishwasher?

Actually, the cleaning process is quite simple and there is no need to pick up the ingredients in the store for cleaning as they are likely already in your pantry. All these natural dishwasher cleaners can do the job very well without any harsh chemicals or odors. Before the steps, let’s see what materials you will need to clean dishwasher.

•  A soft brush or a toothbrush

•  A soft cloth

•  Vinegar

•  Rubbing alcohol

•  Baking soda

•  Household cleaner, soap, sponge

How to Clean Dishwasher with 5 Simple Steps 

After the materials are prepared, let’s see how to clean your dishwasher to keep it running efficiently and make it smell pleasant. In general, cleaning your dishwasher doesn't take much time and monthly cleaning can keep it looking like new and running well. Therefore, we recommend washing your dishwasher at least once a month or whenever foul odor begins to creep in. Follow the steps to complete the cleaning so that you can keep kitchen clean.

Step 1. Empty your dishwasher, remove and clean all attachments

Make sure there are no any dishes in the racks, or else you are cleaning the dishes, not the dishwasher. Just take out anything you can easily remove, like the silverware rack and the blades at the bottom. Then wipe off any stuck-on food particles or other unpleasant debris and scrub the spray arm with a soft brush to remove the clogs. Remember to rinse the gunk off with warm water for all the attachments and let them dry naturally before returning them to the dishwasher. Do not need to think about what the gunk might be, just get it done quickly.

 How to Clean Dishwasher

Step 2. Examine and clean the drain

You have to make sure there are no hard chunks that can plug the drain, damage the pump or scratch the dishes after pulling out the bottom rack. Simply inspect the drain and remove any gunk or food caught there to improve the drainage and increase the cleaning efficiency.

Step 3. Check the filter and wipe down the door

If there is filter at the bottom of your dishwasher, do not forget to put your hand in and see if anything has gotten stuck, such as a spoon or a container. After that, wipe the outside of the dishwasher with warm and sudsy water or homemade cleaner to keep the dishwasher door fingerprint-free. 

Don’t use harsh cleansers or too-tough scouring pads that can scratch the finish of the dishwasher. Wipe it dry with a soft cloth after cleaning the door. Then wipe away the tricky fingerprints or smudges with a little rubbing alcohol on a soft and dry cloth.

 How to Clean Dishwasher

Open the dishwasher door and scrub around the door by dipping a toothbrush into warm and soapy water. Make sure you gently scrub the grooves of the rubber seal and any other crevices like hinges with abrasive cleaner if there is lots of buildup. Then wipe up the grime with a household sponge dipped into hot soapy water and wipe away any cleaning solution left behind with a clean and wet sponge.

Step 4. Run a cycle with vinegar to clean dishwasher

To completly clean dishwasher, add a cup of white vinegar into a dishwasher-safe container and place it on the top rack of the dishwasher. Run the dishwasher through a hot-water cycle. This will naturally and safely kill grimes, remove foul smell and dissolve some old detergent or mineral deposits that have built up. It can even clear away any grease that could cause blockages in pipes.

 How to Clean Dishwasher

TIP : Note that it’s dangerous to use bleach or any other chemical cleaner instead of vinegar as they can stick around and get on your dishes if not rinsed properly. Using white distilled vinegar is safe, highly effective and very inexpensive. Even if you do accidentally ingest a little residual liquid, you won’t intake any toxic chemicals. Plus, vinegar has many other uses, such as cook, get rid of odor in trash cans, etc.

Step 5. Add some baking soda to absorb additional food particles

After the vinegar cycle finishes, to further deodorize your dishwasher and absorb additional food particles, just sprinkle a cup of baking soda into the bottom of the rack and run it through a short cycle using the hottest water. After that, the interior of the dishwasher should be thoroughly clean and stain-free.

TIP : Apart from cleaning dishwasher to keep your kitchen clean, regularly cleaning kitchen trash cans is also a task that can't be ignored.

Bottom Line:

Hope the guide can help you learn how to clean dishwasher completely. You can share the article with your friends and families. If you have other good ideas, just leave us a comment below. 

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