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How Does Google Home Work?

Wondering how Google Home work? Here is everything you need to know from Google Home setup to its main features.

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Launched in 2016, Google Home is a smart home speaker made by Google. Google also launched a few spinoff models including Google Home Max, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Hub. At Google I/O 2010, Google announced the Nest Hub Max and rebranded Home Hub as Nest Hub. If you are wondering how Google Home works, here are all you need to know about Google Home smart speakers.

How Does Google Home Work

What is Google Home?

Google Home is a smart speaker with Google Assistant than enables you to speak voice commands to play media, manage your tasks, control smart home devices, and plan your day using only your voice. Google continues to release new software updates and now Google Home can do much stuff.

It functions much like the Amazon Alexa series and Apple home pod.

Google Home Collection

There are 5 Google Home speakers from Google Home Mini to Google Next Hub Max. Google Home Mini is the smallest of Google's smart home speaker range with a similar size to Alexa Echo Dot. The Google Home is the regular-sized smart speaker and also the first smart speaker from Google. Google Home Max is large in size and it delivers a high-quality sound which is to compete Apple HomePod. Google Home Hub is Google’s first speaker with a 7-inch touchscreen, and Google Next Hub Max has a camera built-in and larger screen, which is 10 inch.

How to Set up and And Use Google Home

All Google Home speakers do not have a built-in battery, so you need to plug in with a power source. Once connected to a power source, Google Home will ask to download the Google Home app from Google Play or AppStore using your mobile phone or tablet running Android or iOS to complete the setup.

When you open the Google Home app, you will see “1 device found” card in the Discover tab and just tab on Set Up to get started. Then the mobile app walks you through every step of the process. When asked to select a WiFi network for your Google Home, be sure to the same network as your phone.

Set Up Google Home 

During setup, the app will ask you to name your Google Home device. By default, it will automatically set the name based on the room you put it in, but you can name it whatever you want.

You will also be asked to enter your home location, connect music services, or whether you want to enable Voice Match. Of course, you can also set it later. Once set up, Google Home is always stand by and you can activate it by saying “OK Google” or “Hey Google”.

What Can Google Home Do?

If you want to explore what Google Home can do, you can simply ask Google and Google Home will tell you the basic stuff. Generally, I use Google Home to do 5 kinds of things. Let me break it done.

Voice Search

Since all Google Home devices have the Google Assistant built-in, you can just sit back and ask anything and Google Assistant will answer most of your search queries directly. You can also ask you things like recipes, which I often do. When you are making meals, your hands are probably occupied or wet, so you cannot use your smartphone. It is really useful for people to love cooking. With Google Home, you don't need to pull out a cookbook or go on the phone and search your recipe.

Reminders, Alarms, and Shopping List

You can set reminders and alarms with Google Home. You can get rid of your alarm clock. Since the new update in 2019, you can simply say “Stop” when the alarm goes off without the need to say “Hey Google”.

Whenever you realize that you ran out of something, you can just simply tell Google to add it to your shopping list and Google will automatically create a shopping list for you, which is very convenient.

Phone calls and Text Messages

You can make phone calls and send text messages with the Google home. For example, you can say “hey Google call the nearest pizza place” and Google Home will do it as long as you have set up your phone number. When making calls, be sure that you know who you want to call. Otherwise, it's a little difficult to hang up the phone.

Smart Home Control

You can Google Home device to control various smart home appliances. Everything from your lights, vacuum robots, thermostat, security camera, to your door opener as long as they are paired with smart home appliances and applications.

Stream Media

You can ask Google Home device to play music, podcast, read audiobooks. If you have Google Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max, you can also ask it to play videos. There are already many media services that work with Google Home, but I would hope Google add support for Apple Music and Audible. You can upload your own music or downloaded audiobooks to Google Play Music, so you can play them on Google Home.

Google Home and Chromecast

If you have a Chromecast device, you can integrate it with the Google Home. After that, you can ask Google to turn on/off your TV or ask Google to play a specific video on your Chromecast TV.

That is about all the major things Google Home can do. You should have a clear understanding of how Google Home works. If you are plan to have a smart speaker, now may be the best time to get one. Since the release of Google Nest Hub Max, Google Home Mini is only $29 and Google Next Hub $99.

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