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Home Security Cameras with Audio - for Indoor Use

Have no idea about the home-use security camera? Check this list of home security cameras with audio, and figure out why and how to choose the best home security camera product for indoor use.

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If you feel the whole set of home security system is a large project and will costs a lot of money, you can consider security cameras, the necessary but affordable investment for your residence.  Adding security camera, you are able to monitor the activities of your stay-in kids or pets and see what’s happening when you are not home.

Among different types of security camera products, Wi-Fi enabled security cameras with audio feature can offer great experience and meet the needs of the household use. Let’s review some popular products, and figure out how to choose reliable home security cameras with audio for indoor use.

Home Security Cameras with Audio

1. Wyze Cam Pan - Cheapest Security Camera for Indoor

Wyze Cam Pan is one of the best options of home security camera with 2-way audio. Plus, the incredibly low price gives Wyze Cam Pan another distinct advantage. The price of Wyze Cam Pan is $29.99.

It is loaded with great rich features, and many of them you can even find in some expensive home security camera products. Generally, Wyze Cam Pan has very high price value and it is perfect for indoor use.

The main features of Wyze Cam Pan (1080p HD, 360° horizontal & 93° vertical coverage):

·         Wi-Fi connectivity (works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks)

·         2-way audio: listen in and speck through the speaker

·         the integration of Amazon Alexa and IFTTT

·         motion tracking, sound alerts, night vision and etc.


2. Amazon Cloud Cam - Excellent Audio Quality

Offered by Amazon, this Wi-Fi enabled security camera features with high intelligent motion detection, allowing you to see what happen in your house in 1080p Full HD with 120° field view. Amazon Cloud Cam has the build-in speaker and mic, and supports 2-way audio. You can keep in touch with your household through Amazon Cloud Cam App with very loud and clear communications.

Definitely, it works with Alexa and other Amazon products, but lacks of IFTTT integration. As one of the most popular home security cameras with audio, Amazon Cloud Cam ensures excellent video & audio quality and performance. The price is mid-range billed at $119.99.

·         clear night vision: control the eight infrared LEDs directly in Amazon Cloud Cam app

·         intelligent notifications: get alerts that matter

Amazon Cloud Cam.jpg

Nest Cam IQ Indoor - Best Home Security Camera

Nest Cam IQ is one of the most costly security cameras for indoor use, let’s see if it’s worth the price ($299). This 1080p HD home security camera stands out with the facial recognition, identifying people in large 130° field of view. Nest Cam IQ Indoor supports Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Nest and has Google Assistant built-in.

Its powerful mic and speak deliver top-notch two-way audio performance and quality, loud & clear, no noise and lag. Moreover, Nest Cam IQ Indoor is one of the few home security cameras that offers 3840x2160 photo resolution and Web & Mobile app support.

·         HDR and invisible infrared LEDs guarantees brilliant day & night vision

·         stay connected and alert 24/7 


Main Features of Home Security Cameras

As an essential part of the home security system, the home security camera offers more than just recorded video clips. Most home security camera products offer great rich features, letting you monitor your in-home pets or check in with kids after school through the App directly.

When you choose the home security cameras for indoor use, you can look into the following features:

·         Video & Image Resolution

The resolution of video & image directly impacts the home security footage quality. Clear videos and images help you identify the items and faces in the records easily. Here, we give you a standard, a reliable home security camera usually ensures 1080p video resolution and 1920x1080 photo resolution. It would be better if it’s a wide angle camera.

·         2-Way Audio

The home security cameras feature with 2-way audio means you are able to emit sound via a speaker and also receive sound through a microphone.

·         Motion Track Detection

This is quite useful. If the home security camera features with the motion track detection, you’ll get notifications when the camera observes motion within the view field.

·         Night Vision

The home security camera with night vision support helps you record clear videos and images in the low or no light situations.

Actually, there many other features that a home security camera can offer, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud storage, Smart Home integration, price and etc. Just figure out your needs and budget before making your purchase.

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