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Homemade Garbage Can Deodorizer – Get Rid of Stinky Trash Can

If you need to remove stinky odor from your garbage can, you can use this guide to make garbage can deodorizer to deal with it.

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If you are not the type of person who would clean up your garbage can once a week, for the kitchen trash can, you may need to clean it even more frequently, then you need to try this homemade garbage can deodorizer. You can easily create it by yourself and henceforth, you don’t need to buy any deodorizer stuff to prevent odor in the garbage can.

What do you need?

All you need is very regular stuff. Most of the required stuff, if not all, can be found in your house. You will need baking soda, essential oil, ice mold (or any other silicone mold), and water. Actually, you can use almost any essential oil or combination, but here I recommend lemon essential oil, tea tree essential oil, and tangerine oil.

Make Trash Can Deodorizer

With all the ingredients and supplies ready, you can start to deodorizer pods. Just follow the step by step guide below.

Step 1. Prepare 2 cups of baking soda in a container. It is recommended to use a strainer to make sure there are no lumps.

Step 2. Add 5 ml lemon essential oil, tea tree essential oil, and tangerine oil. As mentioned, you can use other essential oil combination.

Step 3. Stir them with a spoon after adding essential oil. While stirring, add 1 cup of distilled water slowly.

Make Trash Can Deodorizer

Step 4. Put the mixture in the ice mold you prepared and press into the mold very tight.

That’s it. You just wait for them to dry out and then your garbage can deodorizer is ready to use.

Make Use of Your DIY Deodorizer

You can simply put a block of the deodorizer in the bottom of your garbage can to get rid of the stinky smell. In case any leaks from the trash bag, you can place some old newspaper beneath the trash bag and toss a deodorizer pod into the bottom.

This deodorizer pod can be used both in outdoor garbage cans and indoor garbage cans. To get rid of smell in garbage can from smelling ever again, you may need to replace it after a month.

Therefore, you need to make more garbage can deodorizer by going through all the steps again and again. At first, the deodorizer pods that you make may be too dry or too wet. Don’t worry, the next time you will know how to adjust the ingredients or procedures.

For those who do not very much like the DIY stuff can order trash can deodorizer from Amazon. The Arm & Hammer Trash Can & Dumpster Deodorizer works as well as the homemade deodorizer, if not better. Even so, you still need to replace the deodorizer once a month.

Is there a better solution to eliminate trash can odor? That’s where Aicool Deodorizer Motion Sensor Trash Can comes into play.

Deodorizer Motion Sensor Trash Can

Aicool Smart Trash Can includes an activated carbon deodorizer to get rid of any smells from the trash can. Its motion sensor enables you to open the trash can without a touch.

You just wave or put your hands over the sensor and the trash can automatically open it. It is smart enough to block any animal motions, so your pets cannot get access to anything in the trash can.

Being a fully automatic touchless trash can, Aicool Motion Sensor Trash Can automatically seal the trash bag and put a new trash bag when you take away the full trash away. The trash can use strong and recyclable trash bags, so you will find no more leaking or ripping bags.

Aicool Smart Trash Can

The trash body is made of stainless steel with the fingerprint-proof coating. It runs on 6 AA alkaline batteries. It can also be powered by an AC adapter, so you don’t have to worry about battery life.

Aicool Trash Can Makes Your Life Smarter & Cleaner

Open the trash can with a simple wave of hand. Efficient sensor and high performance.

Automatically seal and change trash bags, making trash work cleaner and easier.

Prevent trash can from germ, odor and fingerprint with lid, odor absorption technology, and fingerprint-proof coating.

Designed with app controlling, long-life battery and strong & recyclable trash bags.

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If you need to leave your pets at home, you can also use the app to control the trash can remotely. If you are tired of making or buying garbage cab deodorizer, then you should switch to this Aicool Motion Sensor Trash Can. In this way, you can save a lot of time and live a healthier life. 

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