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Human Foods That Your Dog Should Never Eat

Your dog might die because of eating wrong foods. Pet health is always a matter of concern and here is the list of human foods that your dog should never eat. Every dog owner should take a look at this.

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Dogs like eating, and you would like to share your foods with your lovely puppy. It’s understandable, you just cannot refuse when your dog shows you his lovely face with a poor “Can I have some…” expression. However, many of you have no idea that some human foods can be very dangerous for dogs. It might make poison to dogs or even worse, cause the death of dogs. 

How to avoid this? To help pet owners quickly figure out, here we give a list of human foods your dog should never eat. Let’s check and keep your dog stay away from these human foods, living a happy and healthy life.

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Human Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat


It’s nothing funny to give your dog wine, beer or any other alcoholic drinks, because alcohol is poison for dogs. It can lead to many health problems, such as diarrhea & vomiting, central nervous system depression, hard breathing, coma and etc.

Coffee, Tea, Chocolate & Other Caffeine

Why dogs should never eat chocolate or drink coffee, tea or other caffeine? It’s all about methylxanthines, the substances found in cacao seeds. It would be easier to understand if we just say caffeine here.  It appears that caffeine provides psychostimulant effects and can be deadly to your dog. It’s best to keep your dog stay away from coffee, tea, chocolate or other caffeine products.

dog cannot eat chocolate

Fruits: Avocado, Coconut, Citrus, Grapes (Raisins)

Fruits like watermelon or blueberry are OK with dogs, while some fruits like avocado, coconut or grapes, you can never put them into your dog’s mouth. For example, avocado has something called persin, which won’t have allergic or danger to humans.

If your dog eats these fruits, it will cause gastrointestinal irritation, vomiting, kidney failure and red blood cell damage. Even a very small amount can make your dog uncomfortable and sick.

can dogs eat avocado

Vegetables: Garlic, Onions

Some vegetables are also toxic to dogs, for example, garlic and onion. Garlic contains thiosulfates, which can damage the red blood cells of your dog and cause vomiting, diarrhea, anemia and breathing problem.

Milk, Dairy & Nuts (Macadamia Nuts)

In terms of milk or dairy foods, you have to control the quantity. Dogs cannot drink too much milk, or dairy foods like ice cream. It’s easy to get them vomiting, stomachache or diarrhea. For dogs, too much dairy foods are difficult to digest.

In addition, you have to keep your dog away from macadamia nuts, or the foods that have macadamia nuts ingredients in. Generally, nuts contains very high amount of fats and oils, and they will cause vomiting, tremors, pancreatitis in dogs.

mixed nuts

Raw Foods: Meat, Eggs

It’s totally a bad idea if you feed your dog a “Raw Food Diet”. Raw meat and raw eggs can have bacteria like salmonella or E.coli, leading to food poisoning in dogs. Besides, your dog may suffer from parasites attack because of eating raw foods.

Foods with Xylitol

As an artificial sweetener, Xylitol can be found in many sugar-free foods like gum, baked goods, candy and etc. These Xylitol-contained products are totally ok with human beings, but they are very dangerous for dogs. If your dog eats something with Xylitol, it can cause lethargy, vomiting, blood sugar to drop and even liver failure. Note that, you dog cannot eat yeast dough as well.

More on This Topic

In fact, there are many other human foods that dog cannot eat, such as salty foods (chips, pretzels), human medicine and etc. You should take much care of your dog’s diet. But, no matter how careful you are, your dog will eat something he shouldn’t - garbage from your trash can for the most part. 

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