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7 Dryer Sheet Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Dryer sheets can be used in many ways rather than laundry. Check these 7 dryer sheet hacks to help you save the expensive cost of air fresheners and cleaner device. Keywords: dryer sheet hacks

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You can buy many expensive sprays cleaners and scrubbers to clean different areas in your house, but you don’t have to because you can use a dryer sheet to clean the stubborn stains. In this article, I will show you 7 dryer sheet hacks to help you clean your house, improve smell, and eliminate stains.

If you only use dryer sheets on laundry day for keeping our clothes static free and smelling fresh, then you have missed a lot. You can actually use dryer sheets in other places around your home to cut down on costs and ease your household work.

How to Clean a Scorched Pan

As you know, it only takes a little longer cook time to end up with a scorched pan and that burnt food is hard to scrub off. Sometimes, you forget to wash your pan after cooking something and the food remnants are also hard to clean. Fortunately, you can use this dryer sheet hack to clean it up easily.

Dryer Sheet Hacks 1

If time permits, you can simply fill the pan with some water and a dryer sheet. A few hours later, you can use the dryer sheet to scrape away at the burnt areas. In this way, you can clean a scorched pan effortlessly.

If you will need to use the pan soon, then soak the pan with the mixture of warm water and dish soap and a dryer sheet for a short while. Then use the dryer sheet as a scrubber to scrub at the burnt area while the water loosens it.

Clean up Nail Polish

If you want to change your nail polish but find it hard to remove, don’t worry. You can easily remove our old nail polish off with the help with dryer sheet with a few simple steps.

Step 1. Cut the dryer sheet to 10 small pieces

Step 2. Pour some nails polish remover on the dryer sheet and place it on each of your nails.

Step 3. Wait a short while and then you can use the soaked dryer sheet to swipe over the nail polish with a little pressure. No need to scrub and you have removed your nail polish.

Remove Dried Paint

Dried paint can be pretty stubborn once it is fixed in the bristles of your paint brush. Usually, you can use a little paint to remove dried paint from a paintbrush. If you don’t have it around your home, you don’t have to head over to the market and buy one.

Dryer Sheet Hacks 2

Just soak a dryer sheet in a bucket of warm water with the paintbrush. After 30 minutes or so, rinse the paintbrush with water and then you will find the paint is totally gone.

Clear Soap Scum, Fast

It is not an easy task to clear the bathroom surface with soap scum. Even if you use some special cleaner, you may still leave some spot behind. With a used dryer sheet, which contains ingredients that help soften soap scum hanging onto your shower door, you can clear soap scum in seconds. 

Dampen your dryer sheet, and then use it to wipe down your glass shower door. Weeks' worth of soap scum will disappear instantly.

Degunk an Iron

After ironing something with plastic buttons, you clothe iron may get dirty or sticky. Actually, your iron deserves a good clean once in a while. As mentioned, a dryer sheet can help soften the fabric. It can also be used to clean clothes iron.

Just place a used dryer sheet on top of your ironing board and set the iron on low heat with no steam. Then use the iron to rub the dryer sheet until the iron is clean. Then you can iron your white clothes without fear.

Get Rid of Hair Static

When it gets cold, hair static can be hard to combat, especially when your hair is dry. Dryer sheets can easily solve the hair static problem. Simply rub some dryer sheets on the bristles of your brushes and combs your hair.

Dryer Sheet Hacks 3.jpgYou can also use a dryer sheet rub it on your hair where it's staticky. The static will be transferred to the dryers sheet. You can also do this before your hair gets dry to prevent static. You can also keep your comb wrapped in dryer sheets in the winter to get rid of static.

Keep Trash Cans from Smelling

The garbage can can be really stinky, especially kitchen trash can, even if you clean kitchen trash can really frequently. One easy way to get rid of odor from trash can is to put some dryer sheets on the bottom of the can under the trash bag. In order to keep preventing odor from trash can, it is recommended to change the dryer sheets as you change the trash bag.

Sometimes, it is hard to always remember to change the dryer sheets. You can also use a smart trash can that cam remove odor itself, so you don’t have to do it manually once in a while.

That’s all the seven dryer sheet hacks to help you ease the life around the house. Now it is your turn. Which of the hacks are you going to try first? Do you have any better ideas about using dryer sheets? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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