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How to Dispose of Cooking Oil – Creative Ideas

Cooking oil can block plumbing and piping, so learn the proper way to dispose of your kitchen fat oil and grease. Here are more than 4 creative ideas about disposing of cooking oil.

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Whether you are in a home kitchen or commercial kitchen, you must know how to dispose of cooking oil because you should never dump used grease into the sink, otherwise, the used oil will harden in the drain and cause a clog. In this article, you will learn a few creative ways to dispose of used cooking oil properly.


What happens is that the grease will start building a waxy buildup in your pipes as it goes through your pipes. Eventually, that will compound with chemicals and calcium leading to literally the whole piping system and the whole sewage system to drain up and plug it.

Store the Oil for Reuse Properly

There is no problem reusing the cooking oil as long as you keep in mind the two things below

1.Make sure you did not exceed the smoke point of the cooking oil that you want to reuse.  If you did exceed the smoke point, it is highly recommended not to reuse the oil because the free radicals will be in your food. You should also know that the smoke point of oil gets lowered after each use, so don’t use it too many times.


2.Try not to have food particles left in the oil. You can filter out the food particles to avoid a significant drop in the temperature of the smoke point.

You can filter the oil through a coffee filter, cheesecloth, or paper towel. After that, you should store the filtered oil in an airtight container such as a mason jar. Make sure to put your lid on the jar and then put it in some place cool and dark environment and avoid the reach of the sun.

Put Oil in the Trash Can

If you don’t want to save the cooking oil for reuse, another way to dispose of cooking oil is to toss it in the trash can with proper procedure.

Step 1. Let everything cool to reduce the risk of accidentally burning yourself

Step 2. Once it's cool, you can put the fat grease or oil in a sealed freezer bag or glass container.

Store Cooking Oil

Step 3. Before rinsing your greasy cookware and dishes, wipe them off using a paper towel to absorb the extra fat oil and grease.

Step 4. Toss the used paper towel and collected used oil into the trash can along with your regular garbage.

If you don’t have some resealable container, use tin foil to line a bowl and pour the grease into the bowl lined with foil. Freeze it and then toss it in the garbage on garbage day. If there is grease on kitchen wall, check this post to learn how to clean grease off kitchen wall.

Make Natural Candle with Used Cooking Oil

You can make candles with recycled cooking oils that you collected. It is going to be a wonderful perfume natural candle that helps you save the planet. You will need some candle powder, cooking oil, a holder to put the wax, and a microwave oven to cook your candle. It takes less than three minutes to make a candle at home by yourself. Sounds cool? Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Mix 100 milliliters of cooking oil with three spoons of candle power in a container.

Step 2. Cook the mixture for two minutes in the microwave.

Step 3. Put the liquid wax into the holder you wish to decorate.


Step 4. Put the candle wick inside the wax.

That’s it. You have made a natural candle that burns for 30 hours. You can also add color to the candle with a candle color box to personalize your candle. It is a good way to dispose of cooking oil and help to save the environment.

Other Ways to Use Cooking Oil

You don’t have to dump the used cooking oil no matter how low the smoke point has become because there are many creative ways to put cooking oil in good use.

Household lubricant: Used cooking oil can be used is an effective lubricant for squeaking hinges, keys, locks, etc. It helps prevent rust to put some cooking oil on metal surfaces.

Weeds control: Vegetable oils can be used to kill weeds. You can just place it in a spray bottle and spray those toward to weeds in your garden.

Kill Weeds

Lamp fuel: If you have an oil lamp, you can add some used cooking oil to fuel the lamp.

Furniture polish: If you have wood or leather furniture, you can put some used cooking oil to polish the look of the wood soften the leather.

Removing paint: If you get paint on your hands, you can rub some used oil on your hands and wash your hands after 5 munites and the paint will be washed off easily.

Animal feed: You can simply drizzle some used oil on the food for your pets which will improve the taste.


You want to keep your kitchen pipes flowing nicely to avoid a very expensive call to a plumber. As you can see there are many good ways to dispose of cooking oil, so it is clear to see that It is a bad idea to wash the grease down your kitchen sink.

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