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3 Ways to Decorate Trash Can – Get Inspired

You can make your old trash can look anew and beautiful with some simple materials. Check these 3 different methods to decorate trash can by yourself.

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Whether in Kitchen or Living room, you want to place your trash can to a spot that you can easily get access, but you probably don’t want the ugly trash can to be the first thing you see in the room. Some people use a kitchen trash can cabinet, which is a good idea to hide trash can, but that is out of your option. In that case, you can decorate your original trash can to make it looks beautiful or disguise it.

There are a few ways around to do that. You can paint it with some color to match the color of your room, cover it with newspaper or fabric, or disguise it like something else, which takes more efforts. Each person may have different ideas about how to decorate their trash can. I will you three great one to get you inspired.

Note that putting a lock on a garbage can will prevent your trash can from being messed up by your pets or kids.

Decorate Trash Can by Painting It

There are many beautiful trash can paintings outdoors. You can choose whatever design you like. I will just show you the basic steps. First, you need to prepare a few things including spray paint, a cloth, water, and newspaper or painter tape. Once ready, you can follow the steps below to paint your trash can.

Paint Trash Can

Step 1. Clean your trash can with a wet cloth. For cleaning kitchen trash can, you may want to do it more seriously. After that wait for it to dry out. 

Step 2. Add your first coat of white spray paint to the outside make sure you don't apply it on too heavy stay at about ten to twelve inches away from the trashcan and keep your spray can moving as to not create any drip edge. When it dries out completely, add a second coating if needed.

Step 3. Use the painter tape and newspaper to cover the spot that you don’t want to be painted this time and then you can spray paint your trash can.

If you needed, you can spray some beautiful animal paint on the trash can. You don’t have to be very talented to do that, you just need to cut a piece of paper to an animal shape. Cover the trash can with the paper you cut and start spraying.

Ribbon Trash Can - Perfectly Fit for Your Bedroom or Living Room 

A ribbon trash can perfectly fits for your bedroom or living room. You can also put it in Kitchen, but preferably, someplace dry and cool. To make this decoration, you will need a trash can, some twine rope, hot glue, and a ribbon string.

Ribbon Trash Can

Step 1. Glue end of the rope to bottom edge of the trash can and hold in place until it completely dries out.

Step 2. After that, you can continue to glue the rope around the trash can. After the second round of rope, you can keep wrapping without glue, which is faster.

Step 3. When it nearly reaches the top of trash can, surely you need to glue the end of rope to the trash can.

Step 4. Make a ribbon and glue it to the trash can.

This kind of trash can decoration fits very well in your bedroom. You can pick a better color that is sortable for your room.

Do you konw? You can also DIY trash can with bag holder.

Newspaper Trash Can

All you need is some newspaper, scissors, and glue. As you can imagine, the process is really simple. You just cut the Newport or any paper and for them to your track can. Since it's covered by paper, you should not put this trash can in the wet area like the bathroom.

Newspaper Trash Can

The Best Trash Can for Decoration - Even Finger-print Proof

We all have to live with trash cans. If you think trash can decoration is too much work for you, then you can consider changing to a new gorgeous looking trash can rather than live with the old ugly one.

Aicool Smart Trash Can is a stainless steel automatic touchless trash can with the finger-proof coating. It looks great just the way it is. If needed, it is still easy to decorate. All these 3 trash can decoration ideas can be used on Aicool trash can.

 Aicool Smart Trash Can

As a smart trash can, Aicool is smart enough to open the lid automatically when you want it to, which is powered by its built-in smart motion sensor. Besides that, Aicool Smart Trash can automatically seal the liner and change the trash bag for you. So it is a literally Touchless trash can.

As you know trash cans have all kinds of bacteria and germs. the less you and your family touch it, the healthier you are. With active carbon deodorizer device built-in, your trash can does not smell.

This trash can is super heavy compared to the regular trash can you use. With 13 gallon capacity, it is enough for any indoors situation.

Last but not least, Aicool Smart Trash Can is pet-proof. You can push one button to activate pet-proof mode and then your dog or cat cannot open it no matter how hard they try.

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