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4 Common Dog Health Problems (Caused by Eating Garbage) and Solutions

For dog owners, there are many factors cause health problems that your dogs may suffer from. The following list of common dog health problems and solutions can help your fluffy friends live a happy and healthy life.

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Dogs are friends of man because they are lovely and faithful. As dog owners, you should pay attention to the health problems your dogs may suffer from, and make the greatest possible to help your fluffy friends live a happy and healthy life.

There are many factors cause health problems of your dogs, and one of the main ones is for eating garbage. The good thing is most common dog health problems (because of eating garbage) can be effectively prevented and resolved. Let’s check the following list of common dog health problems and solutions.

Problem 1: Diarrhea and Vomit

If your dog is suffering from diarrhea or vomit (in most cases, two symptoms will occur at the same time), there must be something wrong with his digestive system (stomach or intestines). It’s actually not a big deal if it happens only one or two times. But, ongoing diarrhea and vomiting can lead to very serious healthy issues, like dehydration, toxicosis or gastrointestinal bleeding, etc.

There are many reasons that may cause dog diarrhea and vomiting, and most of them are related with food or water. For example, your dog eats garbage or human-only food. Since you are not able to determine the cause correctly, we suggest you to go to your vet if your dog has frequent diarrhea and vomiting.

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Common Dog Health Problems

Problem 2: Obesity in Dogs

According to some researches, there are more than 50% of dogs in the United States confront with overweight and obesity issue. It not only influences the look of your dog, but also has very bad impact on dog’s health (orthopedic problem, heart disease or diabetes). If your dog happens to be obese, then it’s time to take measures. Fortunately, this problem is preventable.

The main cause that leads dogs to obesity is poor diet. Feeding too much and exercising too little. You can adjust your dog’s diet and get him moving on daily basis to help lose weight. If the feeding and exercising are just fine, and your dog is still fat, it could be problems inside the body, and your dog needs medication.

Problem 3: Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is one of the most common problems in dogs. Poor diet will fuel this problem, and it’s more active if your dog likes to eating garbage. Here are some possible solutions to periodontal disease in dogs: replace dry dog food with fresh food; brush your dog’s teeth regularly. 

Periodontal Disease in Dogs

Problem 4: Poisoning and Toxicity 

Dogs are curious about food. Sometimes, eating the wrong food (especially the garbage in your trash can) will directly kill your dog. You have to pay attention to this, some foods like chocolate, plants and medications like ibuprofen can completely poison your dog. If you notice that your dog is lack of energy or appetite, in pain, diarrhea, vomiting, falls into a coma or other symptoms of poisoning & toxicity, contact the vet immediately. Do not waste your time to figure it out by yourself, because it’s often difficult to diagnose toxicity in your dog correctly. To prevent your dog from eating garbage, try to keep your dog out of the trash can.

Another Good Tip

All above dog healthy problems are related to your dog’s food and diet, more or less. Dogs are food-driven animal. If your dog is energetic about trash can and eats garbage by mistake, he’ll face a lot of health problems. Separate your dog and garbage can effectively reduce the probability of illness.

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