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How to Effortlessly Clean Suede Couches on Your Own

Need to maintain or clean your suede couch? Follow this guide to make a suede cleaner that can remove stain from your couch fast.

by Cody | 2019-05-18 Share:

Many people have suede couch es and myself is among them. I had no idea how to clean it and I even thought about getting rid of the couch. After trying many methods, I finally find a good way to clean suede couches and I share with you here.

Clean Suede Couch

Suede couches are easy to get dirty even if you are very careful. Sometimes, it is just a drop of coffee and it is going to stay. It is just like the pain in the neck. I learned it the hard way, but you don’t have to. So keep reading.

What Do You Need?

You need a few things to keep your suede sofa clean and remove stains from it. All these are regular stuff, which I believe every house has, so you don’t need to purchase them beforehand.

1. A vacuum cleaner. Whether your couch is new or old, you should vacuum clean the couch before trying any of the hardcore cleaning methods. To suck up dust and dirt from your couch is always a good way to keep your new couch clean.

2. A spray bottle. It is a good way to prevent accidental drops and spills of any liquid.

3.  A suede brush (other brush will also do) or polish cloth. For a fresh stain, you can immediately scrub or rub the stained spot. Usually, you can get it cleaned up.

4. Vinegar or alcohol. Yes, you can clean suede couches with while vinegar or alcohol. Once you try it, you will stunned by how effective they are.

5. Suede shoe cleaner. If you have suede shoe cleaner at home, it is the best tool to clean stain from suede sofa.

How to Remove Stain from a Suede Couch

Instead of buying some expensive cleaning products, you can actually do it on your own to get rid of stain on your couch. As mentioned, most of the ingredients, if not all, you already have them in your house. With all the things needed, you can follow the steps to get started.  

Remove Stain Suede Couch

Step 1. Do a vacuum clean on your couch and then rub the stain with the brush you prepared or polishing cloth.

Step 2. Mix two cups of white vinegar or alcohol, two cups of warm water, and four heaped tablespoons of baking soda. Then add the mixture to a spray bottle and spray onto the stain. Make sure to leave 6 to 8 inches of distance when spraying the homemade suede cleaner.

Step 3. Rub the stain until the stain is removed. Be sure to be gentle and avoid over- saturate the stain.

In most of the case, his method will help you clean up the stain on the suede couch. If you have no luck on this, try using suede shoe cleaner. As you know, the suede shoe cleaner is designed for thick suede shoes. When it is used on suede couches, you will get great results. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s manual.

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Tips for Maintain a Suede Couch Clean

If you have a rather new suede couch or your couch is clean, you should keep the following tips in mind to help you maintain that way.

1. Dry clean it regularly, like once in 2 days. You can simply dust it off with a soft fabric or use a vacuum cleaner. Doing that will keep it nice and clean.

2. Remove and put covers once in a while to ensure that no paper bits or other stuff are left out there.

3. Open the window to allow fresh air to get in to make sure the couch area ventilated. It is very important after a wet clean.

4. If you have dirt or spill on the sofa, immediately wipe the dirt off with a soft cloth dipped with white vinegar or alcohol. Then wipe it with a dry piece of cloth. The sooner you remove the spill, the more likely the stain is likely to be removed.

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