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How to Clean Range Hood – 3 Hacks to Ease the Process

You should clean range hood once in a while to make sure it always works effectively. You can easily do it by yourself with these simple hacks.

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A range hood is to remove grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, and steam. It very necessary if you cook much, especially for frying. Otherwise, you will find grease on your kitchen walls.

If you find the range hood not effective as it used to be because the filter may be blocked with grease, then it is a hint to clean range hood. When you check the range hood filter, it is going to look and feel very greasy, but don’t worry. You can clean your range hood all by yourself thoroughly.

 Clean Range Hood

How to Clean the Fan Blades

Before you try any of the cleaning step, turn off the range hood and unplug it. If you cannot remove the fan blades, which really depends on your range hood model, you can use a damp cloth, soaked in the mixture of hot water and dishwasher cleaner to wipe the blades. Be careful as you do and try not to get any electrical components wet. After cleaning the fan, do not turn on the range hood for at least a few hours to let any moisture on the electrical connections to dry up.

Clean Fan Blade

If you can remove the fan blades, then buy a bottle of professional detergent in a treasure or store, pour it into hot water (around 60 °C), then soak the fan blade in the cleaning solution you just made for about 10 minutes. After that, use a cloth to wipe greasy dirt off. If there are some stubborn grease stains that cannot be wiped off, use a brush to scrub them off.

Tips: After cleaning the fan blades, get a bottle of office glue, then put it on a clean fan blade. The next time you think you should clean fan blade, simple tear the dried glue off along with the grease. 

Clean Range Hood Filter

Most of the range hoods allow you to easily slide or pop out of the underside of the hood to remove the filter for deep clean. If you can remove the filter, follow the steps below to clean it.

Step 1. Unplug the range hood and remove the range hood filter.

Step 2. Make a cleaning solution. Depending on what you have in your house, mix hot water, baking soda, vinegar, detergent, professional degreaser, etc.

Step 3. Soak the filter in cleaning solution you just made for 10 minutes or so to dissolve the grease stains.

Clean Range Hood Filter

Step 4. Use a cloth or toothbrush to clean the filter. The stains should be easily wiped out this time.

Step 5. Rinse the filters in hot water and dry them up with a dry towel or clean cloth. 

Step 6. When the filters are completely dry, put them back into the hood. 

If you cannot remove the filer, there is always a way. You can simply use the hot water steam method, so that the range hood constantly absorbs the hot water steam. About ten minutes or so, the grease on the filter will overflow into the grease cup along with the filter. Therefore, you just need to clean the grease cup. All the grease cup can be easy removed and you can use the same way to clean it.

3 Grease Cup Hacks

When using a new range hood, you can find a plastic box that is smaller than the grease cup, but not too small, and put it into the grease cup. When you need to clean it, you can simple throw the plastic box into the trash can, which saves time.

Another very simple trick is to put a layer of plastic wrap in the grease cup in case you cannot get a suitable plastic cup. Make sure that the plastic completely covers the inside of the box to hold the adsorbed grease. You just need to replace the plastic layer once in a while knowing that grease cup is basically clean. 

The residual grease stored in the grease cup is the best “grease eliminator” and you can use it to clean your range hood. It is true. Some people has it tested and the PH value is around 9, which is similar to baking soda. Just take the residual grease in the grease cup and filter out the top layer. then you can put it on the grease stain of your range hood with tissue or cloth. Soak it for a few minutes and then you can wipe the stains off easily. 

Clean the outside of the Range Hood

When the outside of the hood itself is relatively clean, you can use a rag soaked in the cleaning solution for 10 munites and then use it to wipe the body. Then wait for it to dry out. If you have grease stains on the body for a period of time, you can use 80 ° C hot water directly cleans the outside hood body. The grease will go down on its own. After the cleaning work, you can put on a layer of detergent to the body, so it will be much easier to clean the hood next time. 


If you probably have a busy schedule without much time to clean range hood yourself once in a while, be sure to use the office glue hack and plastic layer hack, which dramatically reduce the efforts of cleaning range hood.  

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