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How to Clean Garbage Can Easily and Quickly

The garbage can gets smelly and gross if you don’t clean it regularly. How to clean garbage can effectively? In this article, let’s find out.

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How often do you clean your garbage can? A smelly & dirty garbage can is definitely one of the most disgusting things that you can imagine. Even the trash is bagged tightly, your garbage can still easily gets smelly in warm days. Thus, it’s quite necessary to put the garbage can cleaning on your routine basis.  

How to clean garbage can? If you have questions on this part, or you want to do better about it, don’t miss this guide. In the following, we are going to discuss how to clean trash can.

How to Clean Garbage Can

To clean garbage can, you have to do some preparations:

·         a pair of rubber gloves

·         a hose with a spray nozzle

·         cloths or sponge for cleaning

·         brush (if the garbage can is big, then you can use one with a long handle)

·         dish soap and white vinegar

How to Clean Garbage Can

Step 1: Wear Rubber Gloves

Garbage can is always full of dirty trash and dangerous bacteria. It’s important and necessary to put on a pair of rubber gloves if you are going to clean garbage can. Besides, wearing the gloves makes it more convenient to empty the garbage can before cleaning it.

Step 2: Make Up a Cleaning Solution

It’s easy to make up a homemade cleaning and deodorizing solution for garbage can cleaning use. Basically, you can simply find all the materials and ingredients. Water, dish soap, white vinegar and mix. You can also add some baking soda, but vinegar is the secret of the cleaning solution.

*There is no need to use dangerous chemicals to deodorize the garbage can. Vinegar can be used to eliminate odors easily. It’s non-toxic, cheap and very useful.

clean trash can

Step 3: Clean Garbage Can

Now, it’s time to clean garbage can.

·         Wet inside and outside the garbage can thoroughly using a hose with a spray nozzle.

·         If you add the cleaning solution in a spray bottle, spray down your garbage can. If not, dip brush in cleaning solution and scrub inside of your garbage can. Rinse and repeat until you’ve removed all the spills and stains. This step takes time, so just be patient.

·          After the inside is clean up, go to clean the outside of the garbage can using cloths or sponge.

·         Rinse and leave it dry


That’s it. Now you know how to effectively clean garbage can. No matter for indoor garbage can or outdoor garbage can, both of them will hold on germs and odors. Regular garbage cleaning is necessary.

However, some of you may complain that it won’t effectively prevent odors in the garbage can even clean it regularly. Is there any chance to get rid of a bad smell in the garbage can?

Odor-Free Smart Trash Can

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