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How to Clean Dryer Lint by Yourself Thoroughly

It is important for dryer maintenance to clean dryer lint on a regular basis. Learn three ways to clean lint out of your dryer machine.

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If your dryer just takes a long time to dry your clothes, it is time to clean dryer lint. When the dryer goes through the cycle and it's trying to blow that air out but there is something stopping the airflow and it cannot get rid of moisture on those clothes. Therefore, your dryer may run a very long time and get your clothes really hot.

If your dryer would take 1 hour and a half to actually get your clothes dry, you should take actions now before it gets worse. When there is enough lint in the dryer, it can't get the heat out and they'll overheat. The high-limit fuse next to the heating element gets blown to avoid catching on fire. When that happens, you will not feel any heat.

Therefore, it is important to clean dryer lint. There are 3 methods to clean your dryer and you can choose one according to your dryer’s performance.

Method 1: Clean Lint Filter

If your dryer is rather new and function well, you just need to remove lint filter and get it clean. The lint filter may be at the top of the dryer, on the side, or at the bottom. When you locate the lint filter, grab the handle and pull it out. This can be cleaned out with dish soap or vacuumed out with just the vacuum cleaner.

                                               Dryer Lint Filter

It is recommended to clean the lint filter every time before or after you use it to dry a batch of clothes. As you know, some new dryers will remind you to clean the lint filter before starting the machine.

Method 2: Clean Lint Trap with Vacuum Cleaner

After 6 months to 1-year usage, you should also clean the inside of the dryer machine. Usually, the lint vent brushes and the regular vacuum hose is not able to clean the inside lint trap thoroughly.

Of course, you can open the dryer machine to clean it up, but it may not come to then as you can use this trick to vacuum the lint out of your dryer. Your regular vacuum is not thin enough to fit to reach the bottom.

Clean Dryer Lint Kit

Luckily, you can buy a Vacuum Hose Attachment called Lint Lizard. Actually, some new vacuum comes with an attachment like this. With this attachment, you should be able to reach down on the bottom of the dryer machine and dryer vent to suck all the dryer lint.

What’s really amazing is that you don’t really need to but this tool since you can make it yourself. You just need a PVC pipe that is big enough so the vacuum hose will fit inside. You can flatten it so it can reach to the bottom of the dryer. The easiest way to do that is to heat up the pipe.

After heating up the pipe all around, you can place the heated PVC down in a flat surface and use a wooden board to press it. When it is flat enough to fit under the narrow opening in the dryer, you can fix it to the vacuum hose and use it to vacuum dryer lint.

Method 3: Deep Clean of the Interior Dryer

If the previous method cannot fix the dryer problem, then you should do a deep clean. You will need to remove the back panel and start cleaning the lint from the inside. You will need a 4-in-1 screwdriver, a dryer brush, and a vacuum preferably.

Step 1. Unplug the dryer machine. Go behind the dryer and take the screws out from the back access panel.

Back Panel

Step 2. Unscrew the inside vent to remove it. look inside and you will probably see lots of nasty stuff. Then brush out and wipe it down.

Step 3. You will see a fan down there. Give it a spin to make sure it is all clear. Brush and vacuum around the heating element, but be careful with the wires and mechanical parts to avoid breaking anything.

Step 4. When you think the interior is as clean as you can do, put the vent and panel back into place and secure it with some screws. Now you can dry your clothes in less than one hour.

That’s how you can clean the dryer lint by yourself at home. Now you don't have to worry about your dryer lint problem for a little while. It is recommended to do a deep interior clean in every 6 months. Just remember the more dust and dirt you have in there the more problem you will have.

When you feel your dryer really hot while running or it takes a really long time to get clothes dry, you should clean your dryer lint as soon as possible. If you don’t clean your dryer for a long time, you will probably have to call somebody to fix it or buy a new one.

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