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Best Toilet for Dog - Never Miss the Top 4 Dog Toilets in 2019

Choosing the right toilet for dog is quite important for pet owners. The article lists the top 4 dog toilets so that you can provide a place where your dogs can go anytime when they need it naturally.

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Dogs always bring us happiness, help us reduce stress and increase our social interaction, so as a responsible pet owner, you need to make sure that your furry family members have everything they need. For example, dog toilet is a must for pet owners who have to provide a place where their dogs can go anytime when they need it naturally. In this article, we will list the 4 best toilets for any kind of dog you have.

 Top 4 Dog Toilets in 2019

1. PETMAKER Puppy Potty Trainer - Best Smaller Dog Toilet 

Price on Amazon 

Small size: $9.89

Medium size: $27.35

The PETMAKER Puppy Potty Trainer comes in small and medium size, and both sizes are designed to meet the potty training needs of puppies, as well as the needs of small or medium-sized dogs that can’t make it outside for some reasons. This toilet for dog contains a three-layer system that can be cleaned effortless, including synthetic plastic grass mat, detachable grid tray, and bottom base tray. 

The deodorant and antibacterial pad sits on top of the plastic insert and can be locked, allowing liquid to drain into the durable collection tray. Cleaning this pet bathroom mat is quite easy as it only consists of rinsing the three layers with your soapy water.

 Best Smaller Dog Toilet

2. PetSafe Pet Loo - Best Dog Toilet for Medium or Large Pets

Price on Amazon 

Small size: $45.92

Medium size: $82.53

Large size: $94.03

The PetSafe Pet Loo is available in three sizes, which is one of the best options for medium to large dogs, like Labrador, Golden Retriever, Australian Shepard, Husky, Boxer, etc. With its proprietary drainage and waste collection system, PetSafe Pet Loo can solve the common spillages and odor problems caused by other dog toilet products. 

The dog’s urine seeps out of the synthetic grass mats and flows down the tilted tray into the trash can, preventing it from accumulating below the floor to avoid creating an unpleasant smells and damp paws. The collection bin can collect the urine and is removable for easy cleaning. The unique pee-pod lines the collection box and together with the revolutionary technology of Wee Sponge powder, which can instantly absorb and solidify the urine of your dogs for an odor-free disposal.

 Best Dog Toilet for Medium or Large Pets

3. DoggieLawn Real Grass Dog Potty - Disposable Dog Toilet

Price on Amazon 

Standard 16in: $27.00

Medium 24in: $29.00

DoggieLawn Real Grass Dog Potty is completely disposable, so there is no odor and no cleaning except for removing pet solids. It is an eco-friendly and user-friendly alternative to plastic bedpan pads. It comes with real grass, so it absorbs liquids and smells unlike fake grass. Once you receive the box of real grass, just remove the lid from the carton and place the potty in the designated "bedpan area" to start training your dog on the grass.

Note that you have to replace the potty every one to three weeks and it usually depends on how often your dog uses the bedpan. If the cost is convenient for you, then this toilet for dog may well suit your needs. It's definitely cheaper than dog walkers.

 Disposable Dog Toilet

4. Porch Potty Premium - Best Dog Toilet for Porch or Patio

Price on porchpotty.com: $279.00 (Currently unavailable on Amazon)

If you have a source of water nearby, like a garden hose, Porch Potty Premium can be a great solution for you. Porch Potty is quite big and can accommodate all dogs from 5 to 120 pounds. The bedpan has a high quality resin frame surrounding by fresh grass patch or high quality artificial grass patch that looks and feels like real grass. Just choose one you like. Pick up any solid and simply turn on the water. Then watch the two water jets pop up and spray the grass with more than three gallons of fresh water. You can add a Porch Potty Water Timer to let it turn on and off automatically every day. 

 Best Dog Toilet for Porch or Patio

After rinsing for about one minute, the water will soak the whole grass area. The drain then starts working and emptying the water and urine into the 14 foot drain hose within the second minute. The drain hose directs the water and urine to a nearby patio drain or storm drain. In less than two minutes, Porch Potty has been cleaned and rinsed, leaving a fresh and odor-free grass area for your dog. 

Bottom Line:

After reading through the article, hope you can easily and quickly choose the best toilet for dog. Apart from this, you can also consider using pet-proof Aicool Smart Trash Can to keep your home clean and smarter. 

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