All-in-one Smart Trash Can

Aicool smart trash can gives you a faster and cleaner access to trash. Open it with a simple wave of hand. Automatically seal and change liners. Smart enough to deal with excessive trash. Prevent trash can from germ, odor and fingerprint. Make your life smarter and cleaner.

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Why Smart Trash Can?

Touchless Technology & Motion Control

Automatic trash can enables you to open the can without touching it, especially when you get both hands busy or dirty. Our touchless technology ensures efficient sensor and high performance, making your trash work quick and hassle-free.

Automatically Seal and Change Liners

Our trash can will help you seal the liners automatically. No more leaking or ripping. After the trash being taken away, the automatic trash can will change a new liner itself. Just take the packed trash out, and leave the rest to the trash bin.

Get Rid of Germ, Odor and Fingerprint

No more worry about germ and odor from now on. We have designed a solid lid that will seal the germ inside. The carbon deodorizer helps you get rid of the nasty odor for good. The fingerprint-proof coating ensures you a clean kitchen trash can.

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Smart & Reliable

App Controlling

Remotely control the trash can by connecting the can with App on your phone via Bluetooth, so that you can control it anywhere in the house. A truly smart kitchen trash can to make your life easy.

Long-life Battery

The built-in rechargeable battery is designed for you to place the trash can anywhere, even without a socket around. Long battery life wipes out the worry of recharging the trash can frequently.

Strong & Recyclable Trash Bags

We designed custom trash bags especially for our automatic trash can. They are strong, and able to be recycled. With the trash bag and the liner, there will be no more slipping and leaking.

Pet-proof Trash Can

It is also a pet-proof trash can which can prevent your dogs or cats from messing up with the trash.

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Material stainless steel
Size 42 cm * 32 cm * 65cm
Warranty 1 year
Coating fingerprint-proof
Power Source built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery
Capacity 13 gallon


love this can!

Jake Marvin2019-03-07

I had it 2 weeks ago. This trash can looks nice. VERY heavy and stable. We have a tiny kitchen. It fits in a fairly narrow space. And, it works great! Literally a touchless trash can. I just hold whatever is getting tossed over it and it opens. It's battery powered, hope the battery lasts for longer. Anyway, a pretty good trash can.

it stopped my dog from raiding the trash can


Really appreciate the opportunity to test this product before launching. I have a dog and I have tried many tricks I saw online to stop her from getting into the kitchen trash. Nothing worked until I received this aicool trash can. My dog tried a few gimmicks to open it to no valid. When I want throw something into the trash can, just wave hand and it opens automatically. Probably will buy another after the launch event.

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