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How to Stop Puppy from Eating Garbage

In this article, you’ll get the full information of how to stop your puppy from eating garbage. Completely prevent dog’s access to the trash can, keep him healthy and your home clean.

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For all of you, puppy owners, it couldn’t be happier that you come home to a lovely, wiggling puppy. However, imagine that when you get close to or pick up your dog, you see some stains around his mouth, or smell the scent of his mouth. And then, you walk into room (or kitchen) and find he knocked over the trash can, and there’s garbage everywhere.

You might be able to accept clean up again and again, but your puppy will get sick or may even die because of eating garbage. Therefore, the most essential thing is how to stop puppy from eating garbage effectively.

In the following, we list some possible solutions, which may help keep your dog out of the trash can, and keep your house clean.

How to Stop Puppy from Eating Garbage

Method 1: Feed Your Dog

Sometimes, your puppy eats garbage because he’s hungry. You forget to feed your puppy when you’re in hurry. So he gets into the trash can for food when he’s hungry. If that’s the case, keep him well fed can totally stop your puppy from eating garbage.

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However, most of the time puppy just loves the food you throw away, and raids the trash can & eats garbage for fun. For puppy owners, you can try the following methods.

Method 2: Train Your Dog Stay Away From Trash Can

Theoretically, this is the most complete method to stop your puppy from eating garbage – train your dog.  But, this is also the most difficult one.

·         Physical prevention: put your puppy in a muzzle. However, it’s cruel to stop your puppy from eating garbage by using a dog muzzle, and no one would like to see it. For your puppy, it’s uncomfortable to use the muzzle.

·          Train your puppy stay away from the trash can and garbage. Train a dog is as difficult as you imagine, besides, training takes much time.

Train Your Dog Stay Away From Trash Can

Method 3: Put the Trash Can in Other Places

To stop your puppy from raiding the trash can and eating garbage, you may be able to try to put the trash can in other places where your puppy is inaccessible.

·         Put the trash can in a cabinet

·         Use baby crates and gates

·         Put the trash can at a height

·         … somewhere your puppy can not reach

No matter where the trash can you put, it’s inconvenient for you to use, even it can effectively stop your puppy from eating garbage.

The Best Method: Dog-Proof Trash Can

No need to change your habit, clean up your kitchen over and over again or take much time to train your puppy. This time, you can try something different and high-tech to perfectly resolve the situation - choose a dog-proof trash can for yourself. One good option is Aicool Smart Trash Can.

Compared with the normal trash can, Aicool Smart Trash Can is featured with a Home button and a camera on the lid. Double-click the Home button can easily activate pet-proof mode, and the camera will detect human or pet. Once the pet-proof mode is activated, the trash can lid will not be opened automatically when your puppy comes over. No longer do you have to worry that your puppy eats garbage from the trash can.

This is just one of the features of Aicool Smart Trash Can, and there are more highlights, such as remote control via App, automatic bagging, odor free and etc.

Aicool Trash Can Makes Your Life Smarter & Cleaner

Open the trash can with a simple wave of hand. Efficient sensor and high performance.

Automatically seal and change trash bags, making trash work cleaner and easier.

Prevent trash can from germ, odor and fingerprint with lid, odor absorption technology, and fingerprint-proof coating.

Designed with app controlling, long-life battery and strong & recyclable trash bags.

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Generally, train your puppy or put the trash can in other places may help. Admittedly, these methods have drawbacks more or less. While Aicool Smart Trash Can offers you the perfect solution to stop your puppy from raiding the trash can and eating from the garbage. In addition, you take more advantages from it.

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