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The Top Odor Control Trash Can in 2019

To have a fresh smelling kitchen or room, choosing a right trash can is necessary. This time, I will introduce some good odor control trash cans on the market for you to refer to.

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It’s easy to find a trash can for kitchen leftovers. However, can a regular trash can really efficiently prevent stinky odors from coming out?

In our daily life, when cooking, we are producing and leaving organic refuse and toss them into the trash can. Then, 1 day or 2 days later, your kitchen begin to smell disgusting when the leftover food and refuse in the can begin to decay. You may have been wondering how to get rid of odor in trash can. But do you know that an odor control trash can, with a tight lid or an odor filter, is a better solution?

In this article, I will introduce several trash cans with good odor-minimizing design.

Option 1 Aicool Smart Trash Can - Make Trash Dealing More Hygenic

Many customers praise its good design, saying it looks good in place. Although the price 299$ is expensive, but it get justified by the can’s useful and practical features. The inbuilt-filter of Aicool Smart Trash Can eliminates any odor and guarantees a fresh smelling kitchen for its users. Then, more than odor control, this trash can is also pet-proof. The infrared sensor, which controls the lid, can detect whether it’s a human or an animal approaching and decide whether or not to lift up the lid. Meanwhile, this hands-free trash can also supports remote App control and automatic liner sealing and changing.

Many customers praise its good design, saying it looks good in place.

Pros: Odor-control, hands-free, and hygienic.

Cons: A little bit expensive.


Option 2 Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can

The first thing people see when they walk into your kitchen might be your trash can. The odor-control design of Simplehuman makes it easily outperform most of its competitors on the market. The trash can itself is also made of top quality materials that don’t absorb odors unlike what plastic-made ones do.

Even though, the same as Aicool Smart Trash Can, Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can still has a relatively high price, many people think it worthy for convenience, organization, and style it brings us.

Pros: Sturdy, fitting in place easily, multiple color finishes and sizes available.

Cons: A little bit expensive and odd capacity levels that makes it difficult to find bags.


Option 3 iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can

The inbuilt natural carbon odor filter of iTouchless is applied to absorbing and neutralizing trash odors, for a fresh smelling kitchen.

More than this efficient odor filter, iTouchless is also completely touchless. Just wave your hands 15 to 20cm away and the sensor will detect you and then, the lid will be opened. This is absolutely the most hygienic way to deal with your garbage.

Meanwhile, this trash can is germ-free and fingerprint-free as well, made of stainless steel which also makes it very easy to clean.

iTouchless also has 3 times the battery life of other sensor cans and the batteries can last up to 1.5 years.

Pros: Cheap, hands-free, and hygienic.

Cons: Not animal-proof.


Option 4 Joseph Joseph Totem 60

If you’re looking for a both odor-control and multifunctional trash can, Joseph Joseph Totem 60 should be your best choice.

It has a replaceable odor control filter which minimizes bad smells inside completely. But more than this, it’s pulling double-duty as a waste separation and recycling combination unit. Inside the can, you will find a food waste caddy , 9-gallon trash bin and a 6 gallon recycling drawer with a removable divider. For all the features above, Totem has a really large size which is impressive. However, due to its compact design, it is able to fit in even slight space in your kitchen.

Pros: Versatile and environmentally friendly.

Cons: Not animal proof and too big to carry.

Joseph Joseph Totem 60

Bottom Line

What should you consider before buying an odor control trash can? Hopefully, you’ve learnt some useful information for trash can purchase after reading this article.

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