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Hands Free Trash Can: Free from Everything that May Dirty Your Hands

Want a trash can to free your hands from dirty garbage? This post introduces a useful one to free your hands from packing trash, changing bags, dealing with excesses, etc.

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Trash can, one of the most-often used item in ours daily life, playing an important role that influenced the kitchen neatness, the air clean degree, the quality of life, and more directly the mood when cooking. It is part of the home decor and be more and more concerned by people.

Every housewife wants a hands free kitchen trash can that can free her hands, just as a football player wants a good pair of sneakers. Since nobody wants to get hands dirty that’s why people want to stay away from the garbage, and the attached things like the odor. With the development of science and technology, the emergence of intellectual appliances for home or kitchen such as sweeping robots and dishwashers has greatly changed people's life. Not only does it save your time, but it saves you labor also, and it makes life easy and more enjoyable. The same goes for smart trash cans. Next, we will introduce a stainless steel hands free trash can - Aicool Smart Trash Can, which can completely free your hands.

Why Aicool Smart Trash Can

Aicool Smart Trash can is a 13 gallon (50 Litre) stainless steel hands free trash can with a series of smart features for easy and effective disposal of waste. The opening has a diagonal length of 13.98 inches that is good enough to allow the disposal of large size debris and bulky trash.

Hands Free Kitchen Trash Can.png

The body is made of commercial-grade stainless steel and finished in black, equipped with the best smarter motion sensor in the market. Sensor area covers the fields over and in front of the trash can. Once open, the sensor area expands, and the lid won’t close until you walk away. The lid will open it automatically if anything goes faulty as long as you close to it. Moreover, it comes handy to lock the lid from pets as long as you enable the Pet Proof mode. It is powered by a built-in 2000mAH rechargeable battery, offering a service life up to 2 months by one single charge.

Why it outstands from lots of hands free trash cans in the market? How can it help to free your hands? Let’s move to the next part and see in details.

How can You Get Hands Free with Aicool

For the sake of getting your hands free, Aicool smart trash can spare efforts in the following aspects to bring you truly convenience and neatness. Let’s see how it can make it.

1. Hands Free from Manually Opening the Lid

As mentioned before, it is a smart garbage can with smart motion sensor that really frees your hands from opening or closing it. With a good sensibility, it will open automatically when you walk closely to it to throw something, and auto close when you away from the sensor area.

Hands Free from Manually Opening the Lid

2. Hands Free from Packing the Garbage

When a trash can is full of kinds of garbage, it does dirty your hands when you try to pack it. And, old trash and the smell it produced also make the task of packing up garbage more uncomfortable. Aicool smart trash free your hands from these awkward situations with auto liner sealed & changed feature.

Hands Free from Packing the Garbage

3. Hands Free from Changing the Liner

Besides helping to pack the garbage for you, it also can make your hands free from changing the garbage bag. Once the trash removed, a new liner will automatically dispense. With it, you’re free to throw out the trash and Aicool does the left job for you, packing trash and replacing trash bags.

Hands Free from Changing the Liner

4. Hands Free from Dealing with the Excessive Trash

Packing up garbage is already making your hands uncomfortable, not to mention dealing with excess waste that spills over. Fortunately, Aicool smart trash can take this into account, so it is being designed with the ability to automatically adjust the liners’ length for disposing of the excess garbage perfectly.

Hands Free from Dealing with Excessive Trash

More Benefits You can Get from Aicool

Aicool Trash Can Makes Your Life Smarter & Cleaner

Open the trash can with a simple wave of hand. Efficient sensor and high performance.

Automatically seal and change trash bags, making trash work cleaner and easier.

Prevent trash can from germ, odor and fingerprint with lid, odor absorption technology, and fingerprint-proof coating.

Designed with app controlling, long-life battery and strong & recyclable trash bags.

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That’s how Aicool helps to free your hands, without touching the trash can, without packing the garbage, without changing the bags, and even without dealing with excess. I think such a hands free kitchen trash can is dreamed by you al the time. Aside from liberating your hands; it brings you more convenience, for instance:

Pet-proof. By offering the Pet Proof mode so that you can never worry again your pets mess up the trash can or eat garbage.

Odor-free. It is an odor control trash can, which built-in a replaceable carbon deodorizer to eliminate odors inside.

Fingerprint proof. Germ-resistant, fingerprint-proof surface is easy to clean.

Remote app control. After connecting it to your mobile so that you can customize trash packing time or enable more advanced features like sport mode, pet-proof mode, etc.

The Bottom Line

That’s all the introduction of this useful hands free trash can Aicool. To be honest, there are more touchless trash cans in the market that you can choose from, but no doubt that Aicool trash can is one of the best touchless trash cans that you will like. Why not get it and enjoy your easier and cleaner life now?

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