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The Best 13 Gallon Step Trash Cans You Should Consider

Which 13 gallon step trash can should you buy? In this article, some top-notch 13 gallon trash cans will be listed for reference.

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Why Should You Get A 13 Gallon Step Trash Can

13 gallon is the average size of a trash can which means trash can in this size can mostly fit in your kitchen. Meanwhile, there is another advantage of a 13 gallon trash can – it can be used for standard 13 gallon kitchen trash bags which are easy to buy and are relatively cheaper compared with those proprietary ones.

And what benefit does a step trash can bring?

A step trash can is touchless which means you don’t need to use your either hand to open it. It’s a more hygienic way to step on the pedal to open the lid or lids.

In this article, you will see several top-notch 13 gallon step trash can that are available on the market. If you plan to buy one, this is the best reference!

Option 1 Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can

This 50 liter trash can is made of high quality plastic and offers various options for colors including black, blue, fuchsia, and mocha. The stainless foot pedal is strong and durable. You open the lid by stepping on it lightly and it will close smoothly when you release. With its locking mechanism, you can prevent your dog or cat from opening the bin and lock in odors effectively.

Pros: Pet-proof, odor-free.

Con: Plastic made.

Step Trash Cans

Option 2 HomeZone 45 Liter Trash Can

If you are looking for a 13 gallon narrow step trash can, then, HomeZone 45 should be your best choice. This modern looking trash can is slim enough to fit in any places at your home and meanwhile, you can use a 13 gallon trash bag in it.

The pedal is durable enough and you won’t feel it as flimsy as its counterparts. Just step on it to open the lid in a breeze.

The body of this 13 gallon step trash can is fingerprint-proof as well and resistant of any smudges.  The inner bucket is removable so that you can replace the trash bag or clean it with much more ease.

Pros: Modern-looking, slim.

Con: The sticker in front of the bin is difficult to remove.

13 Gallon Step Trash Can

Option 3 Rubbermaid Step-On Wastebasket

This plastic made trash can – Rubbermaid – literally outperforms its counterparts which are also in plastic in durability, although it can’t match those stainless steel made ones over the long run.

Some reviews say that this trash can is really easy to clean up and the lid fits tightly enough to keep odors inside, ensuring a fresh smelling kitchen room. 

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Rubbermaid Step-On Wastebasket only comes in black, but its modern-design makes it perfectly suit your kitchen.

Pros: Low price, odor-free, easy-to-clean.

Cons: Only in black, plastic won’t effectively keep your pet out.

Rubbermaid Step-On Wastebasket

Option 4 Aicool Smart Trash Can

Compared with a step-on trash can, a monitor sensor trash can should be a much better choice.

You don’t even need to step on the pedal while the infrared sensor on the front of the lid detects anyone approaching. Just wave your hand 15 to 20cm away and then, the lid will be opened. Meanwhile, Aicool Smart Trash Can is pet-proof which will detect whether it’s a human or an animal beside. Moreover, automatic trash bagging and odor-control is also supported.

Maybe the 299-dollar price is a little bit expensive compared with step-on trash can, but I think it’s worthy. It’s a much more hygienic way to deal with your kitchen leftovers and make trash dealing easier.

Pro: Touchless, odor-control, automatic bagging.

Con: Expensive

Aicool Smart Trash Can

Bottom Line

In this article, I introduced the top 3 step trash can 13 gallon and also, a touchless monitor sensor trash can is brought. Which one do you prefer? I believe you already have your answer in your mind.

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