Free your hands, Fresh your home Aicool Smart Trash Can

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Smarter Motion Sensor, 100% Touch-free

Sensor area covers the fields over and in front of the trash can. Once open, the sensor area expands, and the lid won’t close until you walk away. The sensibility can be amplified by enabling sport mode if in need

Automatic Liner Sealing and Changing

  • Long press Home button, trash will be packed automatically
  • A new liner is automatically dispensed after trash removed

Clever to Deal with Excessive Trash

Automatically adjust the liners' length when excessive trash was detected

13 GallonStainless Steel Trash Can

  • Big capacity makes it possible to dispose of bulky trash
  • Stylish stainless steel - durable, longevial, sturdy, germ-resistant

Remote App Control

Use Aicool Go to customize trash packing time or enable more advanced modes like Pet Proof

Easy Pet-proof Trash Can

Press twice the Home button to enable the Pet Proof mode, never worry again your pets mess up your trash can

Odor Free

Built-in replaceable carbon deodorizer eliminate odors inside

Fingerprint Proof

Germ-resistant, fingerprint proof surface is easy to clean

Water & Moisture Proof

Safely used in kitchen, even when being splashed

The Last Trash Can You Will Ever Buy

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Exquisite Craftsmanship

Stainless Steel | Precision Parts | High End Touch-free Technology

Impressive Battery Life

Powered by a built-in 2000mAH rechargeable battery, offering a service life up to 2 months by one single charge

Durable & Strong Liner

Custom designed non-breakpoint liner fits tightly in the can and prevents rips and tears, staying
neatly hidden under the lid. It is eco-friendly and extra strong to prevent leaks

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